Thank YOU

Thank you for your continued support and an amazing 10 years filled with unforgettable experiences!

Letter From Our CEO | 10 Year Anniversary



Thank you for
     an amazing
     10 years! 

     We look forward
     to our future and
     the relationships
     that we will
     cultivate with
     you and our
      Brian Learst, C.E.O.


Thanks to all of our clients and staff, QuintEventsPremium Seat Experiences and QuintLoyalty will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary on January 4, 2012!

As many of you know, we started the company with two laptops, 1 color printer, no clients and our headquarters in the basement of my home in Atlanta.  My partners and I have been fortunate to build so many great relationships and have countless memorable experiences over those 10 years.

We also want to thank the National Football League, Churchill Downs® and the National Basketball Association for the wonderful relationships we have established with each of them over the past 10 years.  They have contributed heavily to our success.

Finally, we are thankful for the United States of America, a country where two guys can start with very little capital and build a successful business in 10 years.

We are also looking forward to the next 10 years at QuintEventsPremium Seat Experiences and QuintLoyalty. We continue to invest heavily in our people and technology to ensure we continue to provide the best event experiences and
state-of-the-art loyalty programs. We just moved into new offices a few months ago and are already planning a significant expansion on March 1, 2012. With your continued support, I am certain the next 10 years will be better than the last 10!


Thank You!

Brian Learst

QuintEventsPremium Seat Experiences  | QuintLoyalty