8 Reasons Why You Should Love MotoGP

By Kellie Canosa

August 19, 2014

Everyone has their perspective of MotoGP™, and if they don’t they are lying. Whatever it may be I’m going to give you the ingredients that make you and MotoGP™ fall in love –you can just call me cupid.

Regardless, I’ll have you attending a MotoGP™ race before you even know it. So, let’s stop wasting each others time and cut to the chase.

1. Curve Control: Yes, curve control, not cruise control! Riders have perfected the art of taking corners at over 100 mph and leaning as low as 65 degrees–GASP! Look close enough and you’ll see their inside knee and elbow sweep across the pavement as they lean deeper and deeper into corners.

You’ll be relieved to know that the rider’s armor is made completely out of kangaroo leather. The knee and elbow sliders are inserted separately, and are made of thermoplastic compounds. A rider can go through at least 100 pairs of sliders by the end of the season!

2. One-wheel Action: That just sounds dangerous! Well, it is, and it makes MotoGP™ racing unlike any other high-speed sport. Riders are extremely serious while racing for victory, but how about after they have taken the chequered flag? Donuts happen regularly for celebration, but a long, drawn out wheelie is what really gets the crowds roaring.

We’ve talked about speed, one-wheel and distance smashed into one. If wheelies don’t make you fall in love with MotoGP™ then the motorcycles will.

3. The Motorcycles: Besides the bikes with their 1000 HPs, prototype chassis and dream tires, there is the eye catching artwork that each team incorporates into their ride. The vibrant colors combined with the popping decals can leave you mesmerized.

Not to mention, watching these gorgeous pieces of art battle it out around twists, turns and rolling hills- it’s like spin art when you were a kid! You’re eyes will thank you later.

4. Epic Battles: Like any other sport world wide, competitive battles are what make the event REALLY great. Without battles what would sporting events be anyways? MotoGP™ has seen battles that carry-on from Lap 1 to the last seconds of the finish line.

Your heart will never feel so many thrills and chills until you witness the battles that take place down on the grid. Riders get so close to one other you think they're going to crash and burn. And yes, that does happen, but for the most part riders are in control (until they're not).

5. Grid Girls: Oh the ladies! The famous grid girls are truly stunning and add an entire new element into the world of MotoGP™. While men on power machines are certainly stupendous, their paddock girls are surely worth the attention they get before the race, at the start, and after the race. Think Victoria Secret Angels paired with engines! 

6. The Crowd: Did you know, after a race there’s a moment where spectators are allowed to storm onto the track? Imagine this: You are at your city NFL football game, they win their division and you storm the field! Wait, that NEVER is allowed. Attend a MotoGP™ race you you’ll experience the rush of storming one of the world's greatest sporting events. You may even bump into a celebrity…

7. The Characters: MotoGP™ has some of the finest, sexiest, funniest, youngest, and most well-mannered athletes the world has to offer. Just to name a few; Marc Marquez, the youngest rider in the 2014 season who just won his 10th consecutive victory on Aug. 10 in the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix. He is a class act and has the utmost respect for his competitors.

Jorge Lorenzo, the reigning world champion and shy one out of the big names in MotoGP™. We can’t forget his teammate Valentino Rossi! Rossi is the humor king and the all-time champion of motorcycling. However, the new kid on the block, Marquez is full throttle after his records.

Like everyone in this world, we all have different personalities and mannerisms. The riders of MotoGP™ are like none other and give so much to the sport. If it wasn’t for them and their nonstop bravery this two-wheeled, 250 mph top speed sport would be somewhat boring.

8. The Crashes: You didn’t think we were going to forget about the crashes now did you? Not that we enjoy riders crashing, but witnessing a MotoGP™ crash is something that can truly change how you view the sport.

These riders aren’t locked inside a roll cage like Formula 1™ or NASCAR; they are inches off the ground and sometimes even brushing the ground around corners at 65 degree angles. The only thing protecting the riders is gear, no metal roll cage.

So besides watching MotoGP™ for all the other reason, crashes put things into perspective that life or death dangles before them each and every time they take the stage.

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