How Not Getting Super Bowl VIP Hospitality Makes You a Rookie

By Jaclyn Harris

June 11, 2013

It is no surprise that the biggest sporting event of the year sells out before the competing teams are even announced. That puts priority on getting your tickets, ensuring that your Super Bowl XLVIII experience will happen.

On February 2, 2014, football fans from around the globe are going to assemble to attend this once-in-a-lifetime sporting event, knocking it off their bucket list. With that being said, there are two ways that you can attend this game: like a
Pro or a Rookie.

So let me ask you, do you want to attend pregame and postgame like a Pro in a VIP hospitality venue? Or do you want to tailgate like Rookie? Let me give you five big reasons why you are going to want to leave your rookie status behind to join the big leagues.

5 Reasons to Get Super Bowl VIP Hospitality Ticket Packages

1. Do you want to weather the storm?

Super Bowl XLVIII already has a few qualities about it that are unique to previous Super Bowls. For instance, it’s being hosted by both the Giants and the Jets, and it’s the first Super Bowl to be held in an outdoor stadium in cold weather. The average high in the New York/New Jersey area during February is 32 degrees and the average low is 29 degrees, making this one of the coldest months in those states.

Here’s the alternative to freezing: VIP hospitality venues. With hospitality ticket packages, fans are able to tailgate inside a warm, beautifully decorated venue. The venue opens three hours before the game for you to kick-back with your family, friends and other fans. These VIP hospitality venues always have interactive elements as well, such as photo booths and entertainers. Then, depending on the package, the hospitality venue will open again post-game for you to hangout recap the game and get warm before making the trek back home or to your hotel in that piercing northern cold.

2. The Secret Ingredients

Want to know bonus number two about VIP hospitality venues? A full gourmet menu and top shelf open bar are included! Let me paint you two pictures: One is of you out in the cold, huddled around a grill to keep warm, cooking hamburgers and hotdogs and eating other finger foods that you bought, drinking cold beverages that are only making your body colder.

Second, imagine you’re inside a warm, luxurious suite, eating the meal of a football champion, drinking the beverage of your choice, all provided! Not to mention, depending on your package, select drink and menu options stay available in the venue for you postgame to enjoy while waiting for the traffic to clear out. Not much of a comparison, is there?

3. Player and Cheerleader Appearances

In hospitality venues, NFL players and cheerleaders make personal appearances to meet their fans, which could be you! They sign autographs, take pictures and hangout for a bit before kick-off. Can you imagine getting to meet some of your football favorites at the biggest game of the year? If you take the Rookie route in going to the Super Bowl, you could miss out on seeing some of your favorite players and getting the inside scoop on what they think of the game.

4. All the Extras

Another great aspect of VIP hospitality venues is that they come with all sorts of extra amenities depending on the level of the ticket package you purchase. All of the hospitality venue packages come with dedicated security entrances to the stadium and preferred parking for their guests. This makes it easy and safe as you are coming to and from the stadium.

In addition, depending on your package, you will receive exclusive stadium collection game vouchers, Super Bowl lanyards and ticket sleeves, stadium merchandise vouchers to shop for souvenirs, and Super Bowl XLVIII gift bags with Official merchandise. Additionally, you can even get hospitality venue ticket packages that allow you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take pictures on the field after the game. There is no way that a Rookie can get that opportunity at the Super Bowl!

5. Want to Stay?

A final perk to VIP hospitality ticket packages is that you can opt for hotel accommodations. Most hotels close to the stadium will be sold-out well before the Super Bowl, giving rookies long drives to and from the arena. With hospitality ticket packages, hotel rooms are held for their guests in advance, just in case you decide you need lodging.

Attend Super Bowl XLVIII

 So what is your approach going to be to this bucket list event? Are you going to approach Super Bowl XVLIII like a Rookie or score big as a Pro?