5 Ways to Get Super Bowl Tickets

By Niala Samnarine

July 3, 2013

Super Bowl tickets, for most people, are essentially the grown up version of Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket. It is one of the most coveted tickets in all of sports and one of the most difficult to procure. Unfortunately, and as many fans can attest to, they’re not found inside delicious bars of chocolate.


So to make your search easier, we break down the 5 ways to get Super Bowl Tickets:

1. Season ticket holders

Are you season ticket or PSL owners? You’re in luck! (If your team is one of the two teams competing to become Super Bowl Champions that is.)

So how it works, the NFL distributes 17.5% of their tickets to each team in the Super Bowl. After the organization dispenses tickets to the families of the coach, players and other people within the organization the remaining tickets go into a lottery, where season ticket holders have a chance to win the opportunity to purchase them. These obviously don’t include the costs of transportation, lodging and other essentials when at the game, but you’ll have the ticket in hand!

2. Secondary Market- StubHub, Ticketmaster

For the majority of people who won’t be lucky enough to be season ticket holders or win the Super Bowl ticket lottery, many turn to the secondary market. Folks who are lucky enough to get tickets but want to cash in, instead of enjoying the experience, usually take to sites such as StubHub and Ticketmaster.

While these sites typically have tickets available, the prices are severely marked up and there’s no guarantee that you will get your ticket, although they do guarantee a refund in the event that your tickets do not arrive to you. I can’t imagine buying tickets and preparing for a trip to the Super Bowl only to have them not arrive, at least you’ll get a refund? Bummer.

3. Scalpers, Craigslist 

Another option is hitting the streets or perusing Craigslist. Anyone who’s ever been to a professional sporting event knows there are always a crowd of eager scalpers sporting signs selling tickets (Quick: say that 5 times as fast as you can!)

While this may seem like a good option, there’s no guarantee that the tickets are real, or that you’re not getting seriously ripped off because of an enormous markup. Going the Craigslist route allows you to check out the seating options and availability before hand, but also holds the same pitfalls of authenticity and sky rocketed pricing.

4. Entering Contests

One of the lowest risk options on our list, and also lowest possibility of actually getting Super Bowl tickets. Entering contests is still a viable option for folks who may not have the financial means to attend, but desperately want to get to the Super Bowl.

One thing we really like about this option is that there’s no risk involved. You simply enter the contest and if you’re selected, BOOM you’re Super Bowl bound. Again, putting all of your eggs into this basket is a bad idea because the likelihood of actually winning is slim. Typically contests cover tickets, lodging and travel expenses. So your best bet would be to enter as many as possible and hope your good luck kicks in!

5. QuintEvents

This leaves the option of purchasing your Official NFL On Location Super Bowl Ticket package through QuintEvents. This option works for people who are season ticket holders, casual fans, die-hards or someone who just wants to go to one of the biggest sporting events of the year.

Folks who are season ticket holders may be wondering why they would need to purchase a package with QuintEvents if they were able to win tickets through the stadium lottery. Simple, our packages include flexible accommodations, convenient transportation, game day hospitality experience, VIP access, Cheerleader and NFL player appearances and a ton of other exclusive extras that can only be attained through an Official NFL On Location Super Bowl Ticket package.

For people who want to be sure that they’re guaranteed their tickets, our tickets come directly from the
NFL so you can be sure that they’re 100% authentic. Additionally because our tickets come directly from the NFL we can guarantee block seating for you and your guests.

Make sure you’re guaranteed seating at one of the year’s biggest sporting events and book your Official NFL On Location Super Bowl Ticket package with QuintEvents.


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