Book Your Super Bowl Tickets Early & Make Your Dreams Come True

By Matt Cullen

July 9, 2013

Let’s be honest. You want to go to the Super Bowl.

Who wouldn’t?!

So if you’re in a position to attend the biggest football game of the season, shouldn’t you do it right?

I think so!

Attending the Super Bowl is unlike attending any other sporting event in the world. Because of the NFL’s enormous popularity and subsequent heightened demand for its games, Super Bowl attendees need to understand what is to be expected and plan their trip far in advance.

I suggest that anyone with dreams of attending the Super Bowl should start their planning early to maximize their Super Bowl Experience.

Here are the top three reasons why any Super Bowl attendee should book their tickets early.

3 Reasons to Book Your Super Bowl Tickets Early:

Better Seating

This makes sense. The earlier you book, the more inventory you have to choose from and the better seats you will ultimately receive.

This may be true for every sporting event, but it’s especially true for the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl ticket allocation is based on a first come, first served basis. This means that if you buy an upper level seat in June and your friend buys that same upper level seat in July, you will have a better ticket.

So, find the section that you will like to sit in and book early to ensure the best seat possible that fits within your budget.

Flexible Payment Terms

Book your Super Bowl tickets early to take advantage of flexible payment terms. QuintEvents, for example, offers convenient one-third payment terms for their clients. This allows buyers to split their payment into thirds, making Super Bowl tickets more affordable.

Booking with QuintEvents, clients can pay:

    • 1/3 of their bill at signing
    • 1/3 in August
    • 1/3 (final payment) in November.

We understand that Super Bowl tickets are expensive! That’s why we will work with you and offer convenient payment terms. But you have to book early, because payment terms are only available for a limited time.

Best Selection of Accommodations

Similar to many popular sporting events, hotel accommodations can be difficult to come by.

Super Bowl hotel rooms take that to the next level!

Hotel rooms in Super Bowl host cities tend to be out of control. Many hotels require a three-to-four night minimum, have a non-refundable policy, and cost three-to-five times more per night than their typical rack rate!

To avoid a rate increase and stringent guest policies, I suggest booking your hotel as soon as you purchase your tickets. Booking early gives you the opportunity to choose from a large inventory at the best prices.

As hotels sell out of rooms, room prices increase and guest policies become stricter. So avoid the agony of last minute hotel bookings and reserve your accommodations early!

Don’t Delay! Book Your Super Bowl Tickets Today!

With our Official Ticket Packages, you can get your tickets direct from the NFL without the hassle of going through a ticket broker or scalper. We also offer one-of-a-kind amenities such as Official NFL On Location in-stadium hospitality, meet-and-greets with NFL players, Official Super Bowl gift bags, and much more! So, stop dreaming about attending Super Bowl and make your sports dream a reality with QuintEvents!


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