5 Reasons Why Official Super Bowl Ticket Packages Are the Way to Go

By Matt Cullen

July 19, 2013

So, you’re planning on attending the Super Bowl and you need tickets.

You go on your favorite search engine, type in “Super Bowl Tickets,” find a few websites that offer tickets to the game, and you pick a company to purchase your tickets from.

What if I told you that not all companies who sell Super Bowl tickets are created equal? In addition, what if I told you that
even if you buy your tickets, you might never actually receive them?

This is the reality of buying tickets to the Super Bowl. Many companies say that they offer access to the game, but they really should put a big sign up that says, “Buyer Beware.”

That’s why I want to tell you the benefits of buying your Super Bowl tickets directly from the source. I know that many of you have become accustomed to the StubHubs of the world, but I’m here to tell you that you can buy Official Ticket Packages direct from the NFL for the same price as the ticket-only options on those ticketing sites!

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Here are the top 5 reasons why Official Ticket Packages are the only way to go to the Super Bowl.

1. Confidence

Purchasing official ticket packages gives you the confidence of getting your tickets directly from the source. In contrast, when you purchase your tickets from the secondary market, you’re likely purchasing from a broker who doesn’t actually have tickets in hand! Shocking, huh?

When purchasing from the secondary market, you’re actually purchasing a potential ticket to the game. Brokers will then use the money that you paid for the ticket and attempt to get you a ticket within the area you purchased. You will likely get the ticket that you wished, but there are those horror stories of people being scammed through the secondary market.

Why risk not attending one of the greatest sporting events by purchasing your tickets through the secondary market. Purchase directly through the QuintEvents and get your tickets directly from the NFL. 100% secure and guaranteed delivery before the game!

2. In-Stadium Hospitality

Other ticketing companies may offer parties, hospitality, and tailgating functions, but no company can get you in-stadium hospitality like QuintEvents.

Through our official partnership with NFL On Location, we are the only way to get access to in-stadium hospitality with our Official Ticket Packages. You can enjoy the ease of having a hospitality party venue inside the stadium, which you can enjoy before or after kickoff. Other companies can only offer parties outside of the stadium, which leaves you having to arrange your transportation to and from.

Skip the hotel parties and party inside the stadium to get the most out of your Super Bowl experience!

3. You Can Sit With Your Group

When you have a large corporate group or large group of family/friends, it’s very difficult to arrange large sections of seating through the secondary market. You don’t want to piece together two’s and four’s sitting somewhere near each other. You want your entire group to be all together!

Booking directly through QuintEvents and the NFL On Location, you are able to get large sections of seating to accommodate your entire group. From 10 to 310, we can get your entire group sitting together for the Super Bowl.

4. Exclusive Insider Extras

Want to meet current and former NFL players, take pictures with them and get their autographs? Yeah, I thought so!

Those are just some of the many exclusive insider extras you get when purchasing Official Super Bowl Ticket Packages.

Booking directly from QuintEvents and the NFL On Location, gets you access to NFL players, cheerleaders, in-stadium merchandise vouchers and many other interactive elements that you cannot get through any other ticket provider.

5. The Best Accommodations

Booking your hotel accommodations with your Official Ticket Packages gets you access to the best hotels for Super Bowl week.

Anyone who has attended the Super Bowl will tell you, “Finding a hotel sucks!” Yes, that’s blunt, but it’s the honest truth. The Super Bowl attracts fans, celebrities, and media from around the world, all of whom require a hotel room for the week.

If you book directly from QuintEvents and the NFL On Location, you will get access to a large block of hotels and hotel rooms reserved by the NFL. These rooms cannot be reserved any other way, so trying to book your hotel through travel sites will be next to impossible!

Take the worry out of finding your own hotel and bundle your accommodations with your Official Super Bowl Ticket Packages.

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