MetLife Stadium: Home of Super Bowl XLVIII

By Niala Samnarine

August 1, 2013

The NFL’s newest stadium will have the eyes of the entire world upon it come February 2, 2014, as it is slated to host Super Bowl XLVIII. MetLife Stadium, home of both the New York Jets and New York Giants football teams, will be the stage for the first ever cold-weathered, open-stadium Super Bowl. 


Location: One MetLife Stadium Dr.
               East Rutherford, NJ 07073

Opened: April 10, 2010

Surface: Field Turf

Cost: $1.6 Billion

Capacity: 82,566 

Record Attendance: 80,676 (WWE Wrestlemania 2013)

Fun Facts

  • Only stadium in the NFL shared by two teams the New York Jets and New York Giants

  • The front row 50 yard line seats are the closest distance to the sideline of any NFL stadium

  • Unlike its predecessor it can be converted for a Giants or Jets game within a couple hours. 

  • The stadium has 4 total locker rooms (1 for the Giants, 1 for the Jets and 2 for visiting teams)

  • Was the stage of the “Miracle at the New Meadowlands” where the Eagles came back to win 38-31 with a game winning punt return as time expired by DeSean Jackson.



Formerly known as the New Meadowlands Stadium in 2010, MetLife Stadium has a tremendous capacity including: lower bowl seating for 33,346, mid-bowl seating for 21,323 and upper bowl seating for 27,897. The stadium also holds 218 executive suits and 10,005 club seats. This gives a plethora of seating locations and many opportunities for block or group seating through QuintEvents. 


The stadium has many beloved, traditional, football foods including burgers, hotdogs and pretzels. The full list of concession stands include:  

Brooklyn Custom Grind Burger• New York Delicatessen• Boardwalk Fryer• Lobel’s Grill• Papa John’s Pizza• Franks• Cheesesteaks• Mrs. Fields Cookies and Brownies• Pretzels• Campbell’s Soups• Sausage and Peppers• Rita’s• Soy Kitchen Sushi• Planter’s Peanuts• Foot Network• Weber• Home Food  Advantage 

If this list isn’t extensive enough for your tastes, the official hospitality venue offers a wide array of gourmet, chef-prepared options served buffet style. Learn more about in-stadium hospitality here.


The stadium has been outfitted with the latest technology to give fans the most enjoyable game experience possible. Four massive 30 x 118 foot HD video display boards are perched in each of the stadium’s upper deck corners for fans to see every move – and then see it again in replay.

Additionally there are 2,100+ HD monitors throughout stadium and 20 (54 x 20 foot) LEDs at the north and east entrances. The stadium also boasts a 48" x 2200' ribbon board that circles in the interior bowl. This means an excellent view no matter where you sit!


Described as one of the “greenest venues in sports”, the new stadium set a record for the largest carbon footprint reductions to date.  According to the stadium website, the  268,828 MTCO2e (Metric Ton Carbon Dioxide Equivalent)reduction is equivalent to:

Annual greenhouse gas emissions from 52,712 vehicles

CO2 emission from 30,137,758 gallons of gasoline

CO2 emission from 625,183 barrels of oil consumed

CO2 emission from the energy use of 22,840 homes for one year

CO2 emissions from 11,201,200 propane tanks used for home barbeques

CO2 emission from gasoline carried by 3,546 tanker trucks

CO2 emission from burning 1,464 railcars worth of coal (more than 22 miles long)

The stadium also took many measures to insure construction was as environmentally friendly as possible including using local and green products, clean fuels and lower emissions. MetLife stadium also uses synthetic turf, and low flush toilets and showerheads to conserve water. Additionally, although the stadium is larger, there was a 30% energy use reduction because of energy efficient concession equipment, automated lighting control systems, the use of biodegradable and reusable fuels and more. The stadium also encouraged recycling, compost and solid waste programs, as well as community initiatives to promote mass transit to its events. 

Guest Services/ Security

The stadium’s guest services include everything from coat check, private prayer rooms, accommodations for new mothers, and 15 guest service booth locations stationed throughout the stadium to cater to any special need or request from any guest. The strict security policies enforced, ensures that every guest will have a safe and pleasant experience.

For the highest level of safety and security, all guests are screened and once in the stadium, security is on hand to ensure that fans who enjoy themselves too much don’t detract from the experience of anyone around them. 

New York City/ New Jersey

 In the days leading up to and for fun right after, the Super Bowl, head to the greatest city in the world for any and every kind of fun you can imagine. Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs and guides on what to do, where to eat and more fun, in New York and New Jersey. 

Where will you be when the first ever dual state hosted, cold-weather, open stadium Super Bowl takes place? 


Attend Super Bowl XLVIII