5 Reasons Why Super Bowl Packages are the Best Corporate Incentive

By Brian Learst, C.E.O.

August 1, 2013

If I were to ask you what the number 1 sporting event in the United States is, many of you would have different answers, probably based on personal preference. I am sure many would say some of the following events: 

  • The Masters
  • The Kentucky Derby 
  • Daytona 500
  • NBA All-Star Game 
  • Formula One 
  • World Series 
  • NHL or NBA Finals

If I asked, “What is the major sporting event that is the number 1 corporate incentive trip or reward trip?” there is only one answer… Super Bowl!

So I asked myself….”Why is that?”

After giving it a lot of thought, I have come up with the following list of reasons corporations use the Super Bowl to motivate their best customers and employees.

1. Time to Plan

The Super Bowl city is typically selected by the NFL about 3-4 years in advance of the game. For example, we already know the next four Super Bowls will be in New York/New Jersey, Phoenix, San Francisco and Houston. This allows corporations and event companies like the NFL’s Official Event Experience Provider, QuintEvents, time to budget and plan for the incentive reward trip. Most corporations budget one year in advance so they want to select the event, pick the hotel and market the incentive trip to get a positive return on their investment.

The other major sports leagues have home/away finals with the two teams hosting the games in their home stadiums. This results in corporations not knowing the location of the events until just days before the game.

2. One Game – Winner Take All Championship

We all want to see the Champion crowned! The Super Bowl is the only one game winner take all game among the four major US leagues. The World Series, NHL Finals, and NBA Finals are all 7 game series. If you plan to go to one of these games, you may or may not see the Champion crowned. The Super Bowl guarantees that you will see it!

3. The Super Bowl Location Moves Annually

The Super Bowl is never in the same NFL city two years in a row. This gives corporations the opportunity to go to a Super Bowl when it is in their back yard or their region of the country. It also ensures that it does not get old or boring. If we just take the last Super Bowl and the next three Super Bowls, the game has moved from New Orleans to New York/New Jersey to Phoenix to San Francisco. It has covered the entire country!

4. The Incredible Popularity of the NFL

The NFL has become the most popular sport in America. Everyone has a favorite team, favorite player, etc. Millions of fans are in fantasy leagues and are incredibly passionate about their weekly results.

This popularity makes the possibility that you could see your team win the Super Bowl incredibly motivating!

5. The NFL Makes it EASY

In 2005 in Jacksonville, Florida, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the NFL and QuintEvents started a program that is now known as the NFL On Location. This program combined with the NFL’s assets (i.e. tickets, in-stadium pre- and post-game parties, dedicated security entrances, preferred parking at the stadium, player appearances, etc.) and QuintEvents’ expert planning and execution experience to provide complete travel packages to the Super Bowl.

The NFL On Location and QuintEvents provide an enhanced experience at the Super Bowl that cannot be matched by any other group. After all, no one can do the Super Bowl like the NFL. The packages are designed with everything a corporate incentive planner could want. It is a travel planner’s dream….change that …fantasy come true.


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The packages include the following EXCLUSIVE benefits:

1. On-Field Access - After the game, your best customers and employees get to go on the Super Bowl field. How cool is that!

2. Pre and Post Game Parties in the Super Bowl Stadium -  You mean I don’t have to plan a party in a boring ballroom or smoky sports bar for my group? Just another part of the Fantasy. The party is in the stadium complete with entertainment, NFL players, NFL cheerleaders, open bar and great food. How can it get any better than this?

3. Large Blocks of Seats -  You mean to tell me that the NFL will seat all of my group together at the Super Bowl? Yes, that’s right! After they get done at the 3 hour pregame party in the stadium, they can all sit together and high-five each other after every great play. This creates memories that will last a life time.

4. Preferred Stadium Access and Parking - The NFL On Location and QuintEvents also provide dedicated security lines and some of the best parking available, so your guests can get in quickly and enjoy the pre-game party.

5. Large Blocks of Hotel Rooms and Meeting Space - The NFL secures thousands of rooms at all of the best hotels before they announce the Super Bowl city. Many of these rooms are provided in the NFL On Location packages along with meeting space as needed to have your incentive rewards dinner or other functions. This allows the corporate planner to purchase early and leverage the incentive for the maximum ROI.

6. Access to NFL Players, Coaches, Cheerleaders - The pre and post game parties in the stadium include appearances by NFL players and Cheerleaders. If you need an NFL player to speak at your awards dinner or come to sign autographs, etc. QuintEvents can arrange that as part of their custom planning services via the NFL.

7. Security of Buying Direct from the NFL - This may be the biggest benefit of all! I cannot tell you how many horror stories I have heard and witnessed over the years we have been working with the NFL at the Super Bowl. One of the worst days of the year for me is the Saturday before the Super Bowl because that is the day I get frantic and distraught calls from corporate meeting and incentive planners who were promised large numbers of Super Bowl tickets by a ticket broker, and the broker did not deliver them. They have their top 100 customers or employees in the hotel expecting to go the game tomorrow, their CEO is ready to entertain them and they get to deliver the message to all of them that they will be watching the game at the local sports bar or hotel meeting room instead.

Why would anyone take that chance when they can purchase the Super Bowl Packages direct from the NFL and its Official Company, QuintEvents?

These are just some of the reasons that the Super Bowl is the Number 1 event for a corporate Incentive trip. I am sure there are many more. It truly is a Fantasy that the NFL On Location and QuintEvents have made both safe and easy.