How Are You Getting to the 2014 Super Bowl?

By Jaclyn Harri

August 29, 2013

Have you ever wanted to attend the Super Bowl, but decided not to because you imagined the traffic and parking getting into the stadium being equivalent to the crowds in Times Square on News Years Eve? Well, how excited would you be if I told you there is a way to get your parking pass in advance, allowing you to skip the crowd? Or that there is even a way that you could have your transportation included in your package?

Well, there is a way and the solution is QuintEvents’ Official 2014 Super Bowl Ticket Packages! QuintEvents is a direct partner with the NFL, allowing you to get great inside extras. Some of those happen to involve transportation.

Get On-board the Motor Coach!

Do you want to be able to simply attend the Super Bowl and not have to worry about fighting the traffic or parking? Then this is the option for you. QuintEvents has two motor coaches that are going to be transporting fans to and from Metlife Stadium. 

These buses are a one time in/one time out transportation option, meaning that they are departing promptly at 1:30 p.m. and leaving the stadium 30 minutes after the NFL On Location hospitality venue closes. It’s such an easy solution to the traffic hassles since all you need to remember is when and where you need to catch your ride.

The two motor coaches will be leaving from the Marriott Eastside and the Sheraton New York Times Square. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Man, I’m not staying in one of those hotels, I can’t take the bus.” Wrong! You absolutely can!

QuintEvents has the buses booked for their guests regardless of what hotels they are staying in. All you have to do is ask for that inclusion. Believe me, on Super Bowl Sunday it is going to be much easier to transfer yourself to a different hotel than it is going to be to transfer yourself to Metlife.

Get Your Parking Pass Before the Game!

So you have decided that you have your own transportation to the big game. Not a problem! Another great add-on that QuintEvents offers is that you can purchase your parking pass in advance. This will help you eliminate some of the parking madness because you will not have to stop and pay when you get to Metlife Stadium. Trust me, that is definitely not a line you are going to want to be waiting in.

Just like the option above, you do not have to have a certain package in order to get this inclusion. You can simply add-on a parking pass to whichever ticket package you are purchasing. Is that not just great?! You can have the exact Super Bowl experience you want, while having your parking taken care of.


Get Super Bowl Parking

More About QuintEvents Official Super Bowl Ticket Packages!

     QuintEvents has so many great inclusions to make their Official 2014 Super Bowl Ticket Packages truly unique. Those parking add-ons are just one of the many great things about them.

     For example, our ticket packages guarantee that your group is going to be sitting together enjoying the game of the year in great seats. It does not matter how large or small your group is! And that is just the “ticket” part of the “ticket package.”

     The package represents all that extra stuff. For example, while most people are going to be tailgating outside in the cold, Northern weather, you could be tailgating in a luxurious hospitality venue. Inside is delicious gourmet food, a cash or open bar, exclusive NFL player and Cheerleader appearances and many interactive elements.


Don’t wait! Get your Official 2014 Super Bowl Ticket Packages today!

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