Dress to Impress at the 2013 Breeders’ Cup

By Jaclyn Harris

October 15, 2013

On November 1-2, Santa Anita Park will be filled with glitz and glamour as celebrities and horse racing fans alike gather for the 2013 Breeders’ Cup World Championships. Horse racing has always drawn in fashion icons and an elegant crowd full of timeless looks. Typically, the larger the race, the more unique styles you will see in the stands. This is especially true with the Breeders’ Cup having 14 World Championship races in one weekend.

So what does that mean for you? It’s time to combine elegance, sophistication and your unique style together to find your perfect Breeders’ Cup wardrobe (And don’t forget the hat!).

For the Ladies

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you have two full days of racing ahead of you. As common sense as that sounds, it needs to be remembered as you plan your outfit because you are likely to be outside in the stands majority of the race days. This means lots of cheering, celebrating and jumping to your feet in excitement.

The goal is to be comfortable, but look classy with hints of high fashion. Here are some tips:

1. The Dress – Seek out a dress that accentuates your shape comfortably, so you don’t constantly pulling at it. Solid colors tend to work best so that you can accessorize boldly. If you do decide to find a pattern or print, make sure your accessories compliment the dress and don’t clash.

2. The Shoes – Remember what I mentioned before? With 14 Championship races, you will be on your feet, regardless of the fact that you’re in the stands. As fashionable as heels are, flats might be the better choice. However, if you do decide to wear your favorite pair of pumps, you might want to come prepared with some cushion inserts to prevent your feet from being sore.

As for colors, neutrals tones are very popular and they go with everything. If it’s color you’re seeking, try to find the same color as your dress, or a color that compliments it well.

3. The Hat – The hat is what is going to make you stand apart from all the other women you see at the Breeders’ Cup – VIPs or not. The hat is dual purpose because it will keep the sun off your face while completing your high fashion horse racing outfit.

At many horse races, the goal is to find a crazy hat that makes you stand out. However, that’s not the case at the Breeders’ Cup. You’ll want to find a bold hat that makes you stand out, but that is calm and completes your outfit.

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If you take our tips and combine them with your own unique style, you’ll easily meet your goal of timeless elegance and have all eyes on you at the 2013 Breeders’ Cup!

For the Gents

Men’s fashion at the Breeders’ Cup is a little easier to achieve than the ladies. It’s tradition for the Breeders’ Cup to wear a seersucker suit. However, many simply wear a sports coat and slacks. To dress up your outfit and match the high fashion style of the ladies, add a bowtie or tie to your attire. Earth tone colors work best, such as browns, greys and blacks.

Follow these tips and you’re bound to turn heads at the 2013 Breeders’ Cup. Just remember to dress comfortably!

How to Attend

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