The Best 2014 Super Bowl Commercials

By Jaclyn Harris

February 3, 2014

It came. It saw. It conquered. The Super Bowl is commonly known for being the most watched sporting event – but not all of the viewers watching for the game. Many of the viewers watch for the hilarious and heart-warming commercials of course! And the 2014 Super Bowl commercials did not disappoint!

Take a look at the commercials that made our list of the top 10 best Super Bowl ads of 2014:

10. Heinz “Hum”

This is the first time Heinz has aired a Super Bowl commercial in 16 years and it went beyond expectations. Starting as a feel-good ad, it brought the humor at the end with its mortified grandma!

9. Volkswagen “Wings”

Volkswagen is known for bringing their “A" game for Super Bowl ads and undoubtly brought it this year! The creative concept brought laughs the whole way through. If this happened when my car reached 100,000 miles, I’d drive way more… just saying.

8. Audi “Doberhuahua”

A couple imagines a disproportionate dog hybrid that becomes a hideous canine-monster. Audi then shares its newly imagined hybrid which is “much better.”

7. Jaguar “Rendezvous”

How could this one not make our list? The star power in this Super Bowl ad is outrageous! Pair the new Jaguar Coupe with these stars acting out their perfect British villain and it was something to talk about.

6. Hyundai “Dad’s Sixth Sense”

Everyone knows there is an unmistakable bond between a father and son – Hyundai just took it to the extreme! The best part, dads? Looks like you can count on a new Genesis to take some of the pressure off.

5. Seinfeld Reunion

One of TV’s most popular sitcoms made a reunion ad. If you watched Seinfeld in the nineties, there’s no way you didn’t feel nostalgic by all the water-cooler cracks.

4. Budweiser “Puppy Love”

Well, Budweiser did it again. Its ad managed to make us all watch in awe as it warmed hearts across the world with its adorable puppy and clydestale friendship. This Super Bowl commercial was aired online earlier last week and managed to have over 37 million views on YouTube before it even aired during the Super Bowl.

3. Dannon Oikos “The Spill”

If you’ve visited YouTube in the last week, then you’ve been seeing the Dannon Oikos series featuring John Stamos and the rest of the Full House cast. Dannon had been building up momentum for their Full House reunion commercial and didn’t disappoint as the Jesse, Danny and Joey entered their character roles together on TV one more time.

2. Cheerios “Gracie”

Coming in at number two on our list is “Gracie” by Cheerios. Parents know there is no easy way to tell your child that their going to have a younger sibling. Fortunately for these parents, Gracie took it well… with a great counter offer.

1. Budweiser “A Hero’s Welcome”

As if Budweiser didn’t tear at our heart strings enough with “Puppy Love,” this one brought the tears! Budweiser helped make one soldier’s homecoming unforgettable with a hero’s salute! Watch why this one made the top of our list!

Honorable Mentions

Of course there were many other hilarious and heart-warming commercials aired during Super Bowl XLVIII, so if you’re looking for some more ads, check out our honorable mentions:

Microsoft “Empowering”

Radio Shack “Eighties Explosion”

And that wraps up our list of what we believe to be the best 2014 Super Bowl commercials! Did some of your favorites make our list? What was your favorite 2014 Super Bowl commercial?

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