Guide to 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend Fashion and Packing Essentials

By Niala Samnarine

February 11, 2014

We are PUMPED, the 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend is almost upon us! As of today we are less than four days away from three days of the NBA’s best getting ready to compete and entertain in the Big Easy.

Which means if you haven’t already started packing, its time to get cracking on that particular task! If you’re staring at an empty suitcase, unsure of if you need to pack the left or right side of your closet, we can help.

NBA All-Star Fashion 101

Last year the men of NBA All-Star weekend stole the show. With tons of mixing and matching, different textures, loud colors, accessories and more, the days of low-key men’s NBA All-Star fashion is over.

Our three tips for men’s fashion at the 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend are:

  1. Dare to wear: if you think it’s too crazy, we promise you it’s not.

  2. Match. Or don’t: NBA Legend Darryl Dawkins was spotted last year in head to toe purple, while other stars chose to mix and match patterns.

  3. When in doubt: You can never really be overdressed, but we promise you can be underdressed, if you’re not sure, bring nicer, fresh pieces: blazers, chinos, boat shoes, bow ties, etc.

While men were the stars of last year’s NBA All-Star Game, in terms of fashion, the ladies were not far behind. Fashionistas such as Beyoncé made everyone’s best dressed list. The trends last year were wide-ranging much like men’s fashion.

Our three tips for women’s fashion at the 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend are:

  1. Comfort: this means different things for different people. Some women can be comfortable in 6 inch heels and a body-con dress, others prefer flats and jeans, either way just be sure you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing

  2. Layering: the weather this weekend is pretty much as close to perfect as you can get: mid to high 60s during the day and sunny, and 50s at night. To stay warm, throw on a blazer, sweater or light jacket to pull your outfit together and keep you toasty at night!

  3. Mix it up: it’s safe to wear jeans and a jersey or you favorite team’s tee, but if you’ve got good seats that will be in range of the cameras, or just want to look special for the biggest weekend in basketball, don’t be afraid to dress up. Heels, dresses, even some sparkle won’t be out of place at the game!

Packing List

Everyone’s packing list will be different but this list includes items that everyone needs to bring to the 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend:

1. Something to get signed! Whether it’s a favorite jersey, basketball or trading cards, there will be basketball players and NBA Legends a-plenty, so don’t get stuck without something to nab an autograph on.

2. Gel inserts. Between exploring New Orleans, walking around to all of the parties and attending Official NBA All-Star events your feet will thank you if you slip in a few inserts.

3. An appetite. This isn’t actually something you can pack, but be sure to bring a healthy appetite.  Our VIP Hospitality Party Venue will feature a buffet of gourmet options, and the city of New Orleans itself is a foodie’s dream!

Enjoy 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend

Three days full of events featuring the NBA’s best sounds like the best possible way to spend this upcoming weekend and if you’re going with QuintEvents and NBA-Events that means it gets even better for you!

With our Official 2014 NBA All-Star Ticket Packages guests get access to all events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, access to VIP Hospitality with gourmet food and top-shelf open bar options, NBA Legends meet and greets including NBA greats such as Dominique Wilkins, Darryl Dawkins, Bruce Bowen, John Starks, Horace Grant and more! Official packages also come with access to the NBA All-Star Jam Session and an Official NBA All-Star gift bag! There is also the option to add on luxurious hotel accommodations and transportation, and more!

What’s on your packing list for the 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend? 

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