The Very Best of NBA All-Star Jerseys

By Niala Samnarine

April 8, 2014

Usually it’s the players, performers and NBA All-Star competitions that are the stars of the show, and for the 2014 NBA All-Star weekend it was no different. The NBA All-Star Game is highlight reel of incredible plays and incredible fashion, but this past February, one item that made the list (for better or worse) were the team All-Star jerseys.

In case you missed it:

Some people loved it, some people, not so much. It’s not the first year that the NBA All-Star jerseys have caused a commotion. Read on for a ranking of NBA All-Star jerseys.

The Very Best of NBA All-Star Jerseys


The year of stars and stripes! This one makes the list because NOBODY looks good in horizontal stripes. However, maybe it was the magic of the 80s, but somehow these guys pulled it off.


Okay, if we’re being honest, these weren’t anything special. However, they were the last time anyone saw his Airness, Michael Jordan, don All-Star duds, and for that reason it makes it on our list. Respect.


The very first year of long shorts. Not that this needs explaining, but it’s almost as if 1993 was the official end of the 80s style uniform. Do you agree?


Stars EVERYWHERE before this. I see what you did there NBA, stars, All-STARS, I see it. I’m a fan of the less is more look however, and for that reason I loved the simplicity of the strip of stars down each side.


I’m a 90s kid and I’ll admit it: I loved the regular season jerseys. Getting to see them almost every year during the All-Star game drove home the point that players who would never play on the same team, were! Although sometimes it did get a little confusing trying to remember who was on what team…


THE FUTURE! But seriously, when I saw these, I thought to myself MAN we’re in 2012. These uniforms are, what I consider, quintessentially 2010s (is that what you call this decade?), but yes, when I saw these unveiled, I thought one day, they’re going to be number three on a list, and here they are!


Also known as the "cactus jerseys," these awesome purple and orange jerseys are iconic. The font, the colors, they all come together to form one of my favorite NBA All-Star jerseys ever.


One jersey to rule them all! Just kidding, but these are the ones, the number one NBA All-Star jersey in the history of jerseys (according to me)! Not only was the 1996 game chock full of NBA talent, it also featured the best jersey of all time—whether you prefer the East’s version or the West’s version, there’s no doubt that these were fabulous!

So what did you think of my list? Did I get your favorites on there? Which did I miss?

What Does 2015 Have in Store?

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