Series: Be a Part of the Touchdown Club at Super Bowl XLIX

By Niala Samnarine

April 25, 2014

Have you always wanted to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Something historic, epic even? Well, I have just what you’re looking for; be a part of the Touchdown Club at Super Bowl XLIX!

What exactly is the Touchdown Club? It’s an Official NFL On Location Ticket Package that has the ULTIMATE view of touchdowns scored in the 138-144F endzone area, is the perfect way to view the game, AND you can continue your tailgate throughout the game without EVER leaving your seat. That’s a club that everyone would want to be a part of, and that’s just a glimpse into the inclusions that are a part of this amazing package.

Official Touchdown Club Ticket Packages are now available, but you can bet that this epic way to watch Super Bowl XLIX won’t be around for long. SO what else can you get with this package? Read on for more!

Touchdown Club Package

This luxurious package is a high-end way to experience Super Bowl XLIX. With an excellent view of touchdowns, at-your-seat service and more, Official Touchdown Club Ticket Packages are the way to go for fans or a group who want to experience the Super Bowl at the next level.

So what does this Official NFL On Location Package include? Here’s the rundown:

• Exclusive Custom Built Club directly behind your seats (3 hours pregame 90 min postgame)
• Full Premium Menu and Top Shelf Open Bar (pregame)
• Select Menu Items, Beer, Wine and Soft Drinks (during the game and postgame)
• Individual Padded Seats with Drink Rail
• Player and Cheerleader Appearances
• Interactive Entertainment Elements & More
• An Exclusive Postgame On Field Photo Opportunity

Pretty amazing right? You may even have some questions about those inclusions, for example, what the heck is hospitality? If you didn’t know, prepare to have your mind blown.

Game-Day Hospitality

This exclusive, custom-built club is located directly behind your seating location! It’s open a full three hours before kickoff, features a full premium menu and top shelf open bar. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and greet NFL players and cheerleaders, and enjoy tons of interactive experiences. Basically the ultimate tailgate!

In addition to this hospitality venue, during the game and postgame you will have access to select menu items, beer, wine and soft drinks, with waiter service throughout the game serving drinks. That means you don’t have to get up for a concession break, you get to see every second of the action. (And let’s face it, you’re not going to get up at halftime to get a refill!)

Be a Part of the Club!

So you want to be a part of the club, but how? You probably need to be a celebrity, or have an uncle who's son works at the NFL right? OR you can book this official package through NFL On Location!

NFL On Location is the official source for hospitality and is direct from the NFL, meaning you’re getting an Official Super Bowl XLIX Touchdown Club Ticket Package direct from the source. So what’re you waiting for? 

Will you be a part of the Super Bowl XLIX Touchdown Club? 


Be Part of Super Bowl XLIX's Touchdown Club