NFL Schedules are Out, Who’s 2015 Super Bowl Bound?

By Niala Samnarine

May 2, 2014

NFL regular season schedules are out and football fans can almost taste the delicious action that comes on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays during football season!

With the NFL Draft just a few short weeks away and the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony weekend right around the corner, salivating fans will have their football appetite filled soon enough.

In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at the NFL schedules and see which teams have the best shot of being Super Bowl bound to Arizona in 2015, and whose path may be a bit tougher!

Top 5 Easiest 2014-2015 NFL Schedules

Strength of schedule is determined by the 2013 records of all 16 opponents:

  1. Indianapolis Colts, opponents 2013 record: 110-146 (.430)
  2. Tennessee Titans, opponents 2013 record: 112-144 (.438)
  3. Houston Texans, opponents 2013 record: 113-143 (.441)
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars, opponents 2013 record: 116-140 (.438)
  5. Baltimore Ravens, opponents 2013 record: 117-139 (.461)

The Colts were able to win their Wild Card game over the Kansas City Chiefs to advance, but met the end of their playoff run against the New England Patriots. According to their 2014 schedule they will have a good shot of returning to the 2015 playoffs and possibly the 2015 Super Bowl!

How do you think these teams will do? Which team do you think will give them the greatest fight in the upcoming season?

Top 5 Hardest 2014-2015 NFL Schedules

As with the easiest schedules, the strength of schedule is determined by the aggregate of their 16 opponents’ 2013 records:

  1. Oakland Raiders, opponents 2013 record: 148-108 (.578)
  2. Denver Broncos, opponents 2013 record: 146-110 (.570)
  3. St. Louis Rams, opponents 2013 record: 144-111-1 (.564)
  4. (Tied). San Diego Chargers, opponents 2013 record: 144-112 (.563)
  5. (Tied). San Francisco 49ers, opponents 2013 record: 144-112 (.563)

Unfortunately for the Oakland Raiders they have not made it to the postseason since 2002 and with the toughest schedule out of all 32 teams in 2014, their chances for ending that streak looks thin.

That said the Broncos and 49ers have almost as difficult schedules and are perennial playoff contenders—so perhaps there’s hope after all!

Who do you think has the hardest schedule? Do you think these teams will be able to make it to the playoffs despite their tough season?

What Does it All Mean?

Let’s be realistic, anyone who watches football knows that ANYTHING can happen. Underdogs can win big, favorites can lose, and a team can surprise their fans and themselves. Which means: IT’S ANYONE’S GAME.

When the 2015 Super Bowl finally does roll around, the only thing that we can be certain of are three things:

  1. The NFC’s Best will face the AFC’s Best
  2. The Halftime show will be amazing
  3. If you’re not there, you will regret it…

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So whether your team has the easiest schedule, or hardest schedule, make sure you’re there to see the best of the best compete at THE football game of the season. Will we see you in Arizona?

I Want to Be 2015 Super Bowl Bound!