Why You CANNOT Afford to Go to a Major Sporting Event

By Niala Samnarine

June 4, 2014

For many sports fans, going to a major sporting event is a bucket list item. Seeing the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby®, a Formula 1™ race, the NBA All Star Game, and more are all events that line their bucket list… So what’s the problem here?

Well put simply, you just can’t afford to go! Believe me, I get it. Here are just a few of the reasons why you can’t afford to cross off a bucket list sporting event.

1. Piecing together a trip like that is a pain in the buns!

So there’s the ticket, but if the event is happening in your city you also need to figure out transportation and parking right? What about pre-gaming or tailgating the event? How about the after party?

AND if you’re from out of town, add finding a hotel into the equation. Who’s going to be able to plan all of these moving parts without their own personal travel agent or concierge?

Actually, QuintEvents is going to be able to plan all of these moving parts for you! With various Official Ticket Packages including a ticket to the event, hospitality, accommodations, celebrity and VIP access and more, all you would really have to do is select your experience and go!

2. Who has all that money to spend up front?

But seriously, who can just shell out the cash for these events all at once? If you’re going to a scalper you definitely can’t say “Hey buddy, how about I give you a few hundred now, a few hundred later, and the rest of it next year?” Same situation if you look to purchase on the secondary market, so how are you ever supposed to go without saving for years and years?

Again, through QuintEvents easy payment options, many bucket list sport events include convenient payment terms broken into two or more payments, allowing you to space out your investment making it easier on your bank account!

3. Because I’d rather buy stuff than spend it on an event

I would definitely rather buy a great new bag or the latest tablet instead of blowing money on an event. Think about it, you’ll use that tablet and bag over and over again, an event is just a one time thing, right?

Believe it or not, studies have shown that people remember and value experiences more than they do material items. Don’t believe me? Can you remember a specific dress that you bought five years ago? How about a birthday or friend’s wedding? More likely you’ll remember an amazing party than a one-time expenditure. That’s exactly why an experience is more bang for your buck than just purchasing an item.

Read more about how experiences are more valuable>>

4. Too much of a hassle for just a few hours of fun

Even if you did agree that an experience is better, how can you reconcile spending all of that money on just a few hours? The Kentucky Derby is two minutes long! The Super Bowl? Three to four hours max! How can anyone possibly justify shelling out that amount for such a short time?

Well, through QuintEvents you get more than just access to an event! As mentioned above, you get access to hospitality party venues stocked with open bars, gourmet food buffets, fun and interactive elements, celebrity meet-and-greets, on-site staff to support you, optional accommodations, and ground transportation. Also, depending on the event, you get access to live performances, gift bags, your own dedicated entrances to the event, experiences on the same field that the athletes you’re going to see will be on, parties, concierge add-ons and so much more. You get an experience that lasts a weekend and memories that last a lifetime.

OK, I Can’t Afford NOT To Go, Get Me There!

See what I did there? In all seriousness, bucket list events are no stroll in the park financially, and that’s why they’re on such a special list. However, for reasons such as the price tag, difficulty planning, or any of the others listed above, it’s just not worth missing out, especially when QuintEvents has your solution!


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