How to Afford Attending the College Football Playoff on a College Budget

By Jaclyn Harris

June 20, 2014

College supplies some of the best days of your life, personally and academically. It’s the time you live in the moment making friends and memories that last forever! So let’s talk about your college experience.

You get settled, meet your roommate and make friends in your classes and with people that share similar interests. You find yourself living a life of not having to be responsible for anyone besides yourself, and you find a balance between your studies and friends. You teach your body how to handle the wear and tear of little to no sleep a night, showing massive amounts of school spirit at any and all sporting events, going out to parties on any night of the week, studying at the oddest hours, and getting up and repeating the whole affair again.

Those are the days, your glory college days.

But let’s dwell on one of those memorable moments, shall we? Let’s talk about attending your university’s sporting events – more specifically, let’s talk college football!

Everyone anticipates game day, especially when it’s a big rivalry! You wake up in the morning of, throw on your team colors or jerseys, grab that foam finger, pack your cooler with brews, and head to the tailgate!

When your tailgate finally comes to a close and the game kicks-off, you find yourself in the stands chanting cheers with your fellow fans and cheering at the top of your lungs! After all, everyone knows that it’s the excitement of their fellow students that push the team to victory! And if you’ve got a really good football team, and I do mean really good, they’ll bring home a plethora of victories for you and your fellow students to celebrate… maybe even enough victories to bring them to the biggest game of all, the College Football Playoff National Championship!

I see it, the light bulbs going off! You’re thinking, “I should be there, I should be there to root for my team at the College Football Playoff National Championship!” But you’re probably also thinking, “How on earth could I afford going to that game!?

Well, guys, it is just as possible to attend the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship game on a student budget as it is possible to get an A+ on that chemistry assignment! It just takes a little bit of planning, strategizing and budgeting.

While attending the national title game can take a hit on your wallet, with Official Ticket Packages direct from the College Football Playoff, payment terms are simple. You can break your payments into thirds allowing you to not have to provide as much money up front.

And when it comes to affording the payments, check out these three ways to attend the College Football Playoff National Championship on a college budget!

1. Time to Cut Back

Everyone knows college kids like to go out and have a fun time! It’s a time of not much responsibility, and you want to live it up and make memories! And we know it’s preaching to choir to tell you to not go out and save your money.

But what if you cut back just a little bit here and there? Instead of going out six nights a week, you go out four. Instead a round of shots for the bar, you only get your close friends. Instead of ordering out every night of the week, you purchase groceries and cook. Instead of consistently going to movies, you wait and rent them on Redbox.

Little saves like this will go along way, and if you put that money away each month, you’ll definitely be on the right track to attending the College Football Playoff National Championship!

Think this will be a struggle when you see your friends doing those things? Encourage them to save and attend the game with you! After all, no night at the bar could ever compare to attending the game when your college team is named the National Champions!

2. Get a Part-Time Job

We get it. Your education is your job right now. With all the money you’re paying on tuition and student loans, you need to make sure you do well in your classes, and you want to have time to relax and have fun too. We get not wanting to give up more of your time, but hear us out.

With a part-time job, you’d be earning skills found valuable in the work place and you’d be adding experience to your resume – both things employers find valuable once you graduate. And if you can show employers you can handle working and school, that’s an added plus! If you save a portion of each paycheck and put it towards you College Football Playoff National Championship cause, you’d have the money in no time!

3. Make it a Family Affair

While you might not always want mom and pop around for the home football games, this would be a fantastic match to celebrate together, especially if your school is their alma mater!

You and your family can kick-it in a premium hospitality area and tailgate your team’s biggest performance of the year! And with a premium bar, complimentary fare, collegiate football legend appearances, and interactive elements, there is a wide selection and aspects the whole full family will enjoy.

We’d also be willing to bet that sharing the College Football Playoff National Championship experience with your family will help you out financially.

Next Stop, the College Football Playoff National Championship!

Totally attainable, right? Then what are you waiting for? It’s time to start saving and get more information on how you can attend the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship game! Call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to a knowledgeable representative who can help guide your trip or visit QuintEvents website for more information.

And don’t forget to share QuintEvents website with your friends and family so they to so they can learn how to attend your team’s biggest game of the year also!

College football season is calling your name! Are you prepared to answer?


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