Treating Clients or Employees? Take Them to the College Football Playoff!

By Jaclyn Harris

July 3, 2014

We’re talking to you, execs! You all experience times when you find yourself planning meetings for potential clients and you really want to meet with them in a backdrop they find impressive. You want a stage that will knock their socks off and secure them as your client. Or you want to treat current clients and show them your appreciation for their business.

OR you find yourself on the other hand. The year is ending and your employees have worked their butts off this year! You want to find the perfect reward for your teams’ hard work, but it also has to be something that will motivate them to perform at their best in the New Year.

Cue the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship! Your solution to all year-end corporate and employee engagements! And if you get a suite for your company at the big game, you can bring between 15-59 people, subject to availability.

How impressed will your employees or clients be with your treating them to the national title game with Official Suite Ticket Packages? Well, take a look at the inclusions to see for yourself!

Inclusion No. 1 – Food and Beverages

With Official Suite Ticket Packages to the College Football Playoff National Championship, your employees or clients will think you are one high-roller! Food and beverage selections are included in packages, so while you are saving money and treating your guests, they’ll think you’re balling out on their behalf! Super impressive and smart if you ask us!

Inclusion No. 2 – Exclusive Stadium Collection Game Program Voucher

Everyone knows that when you attend a big sporting event, you want something tangible to walk away to prove immediately to your friends and family that you were in fact there, something besides pictures.

With a Suite Package, your guests will receive an Official Stadium Collection Game Program Voucher – AKA proof of their attendance.

And you want to send your employees home bragging about what an amazing boss you are and about the incredible company they work for, right? And you want your clients or potential clients to go home spreading the word about your stellar customer service, correct?

Well, this is your visual proof.

Inclusion No. 3 – Luxurious Accommodations

So you’re thinking, “Sure, this would be an epic trip to bring my group to, but I would still have to pay for their hotel stays, or worse, they would have to.”


College Football Playoff National Championship Suite Ticket Packages includes access to luxurious hotel accommodations in the bundle. This means no hotel searching for you or your secretary, no extra money coming out of your pocket or off the company dime, and no having to tell your clients or employees they should attend the game, but have to pay for their own accommodations.

Everyone wins!

Inclusion No. 4 – Preferred Stadium Parking

Every exec wants the clients or employees they are treating to be treated like VIPs – that’s half the point of the reward after all. With Suite Packages, your guests will receive access to preferred Playoff Premium stadium parking (parking fees not included).

So instead of parking miles away from the stadium and having to walk the distance to the gate, your guests will be able to park closer to the entrance!

Treat Your Clients or Employees to the College Football Playoff National Championship!

It’s a brilliant idea, right? And if you really think about it, you’re treating yourself in the long run because you will also be at the biggest game of the year! It’s a win-win for you professionally and for your company, but also for you personally!

Get more information today on how you can plan a trip for your company at the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship today by calling 1-866-834-8663 or by visiting QuintEvents website.

It’s time to reward your clients and employees! Do so at the first-ever College Football Playoff National Championship!