College Football Top 25 Preseason Rankings [Take 2]

By Jaclyn Harris

July 24, 2014

The date has been set. The 2014 college football season will be hitting the stage on Aug. 27! For all of you who have been fasting or who swore not to cut their hair until college football returned, the wait is over! The days of anxiously anticipating the first kick-off are complete. We can now just patiently watch as each calendar day is crossed out bringing us one day closer.

But what about the preseason? What has been going on since the new recruits came in and the 2014 NFL Draft candidates joined the big leagues? Where do the teams stand entering the 2014 college football season?

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Not too much has changed since we created our list of preseason rankings a month ago, but we have shifted a few teams around on the charts. Take a look at our most recently updated version of the rankings!

College Football Top 25 Preseason Rankings [Take 2]




25 Texas Tech The Red Raiders have continued to build from the 2013 season and with Davis Webb leading the offense, things are looking bright. 
24 Mississippi  Offensively the Rebels are looking solid with the pair of QB Bo Wallace and WR Laquon Treadwell. If the defense can match in skill, Mississippi will have a lot to offer.
23 Clemson  The Tigers have always been solid and with the defense they’ve been building since the spring, the back line will be a force to be reckoned with.
22 Texas A&M  Texas A&M is struggling with their current QB situation, but with the strong offensive team they already have, this spot shouldn’t be hard to fill.
21 Missouri  Missouri will be looking for new offensive weapons with the loss of WR Dorial Green-Beckham, but this should be a loss the Tigers can operate around. 
20 Kansas State  The Wildcats made a strong push in the 2013 season for a spot in the Big 12, and if they still possess that momentum, then we’re excited to see what’s to come from Kansas State.
19 Georgia The Bulldogs have been in recovery mode, simply trying to get the team healthy. So far things are looking good, but they’ve still got some training to do to get up to par. 
18 Notre Dame Notre Dame’s team is looking good, but the challenge this team will face is their new, strengthened schedule.
17 Nebraska There’s not much to be heard about the Cornhuskers – no injuries, no deficits, no holes. The team is typically pretty solid and there’s no reason to believe the 2014 season will be any different.
16 UNC UNC threw fans for a loop last season, but if they can keep it together, this bunch will be explosive. 
15 Arizona  Arizona had a decent 2013 season and even though they’re experiencing deficits on both sides of the game, they have the potential to bring a lot to the table in 2014. 
14 LSU LSU is experiencing a melting pot of players right now with the new lot coming in and the draft entries leaving. It will be a challenge for Les Miles to merge the different styles, but when he hits the right line-up, it’ll be a great combination. 
13 USC The Trojans have a lot of talent on the roster, but with a new coach coming in, there are adjustments to be made. We’ll soon see if USC can keep a united front. 
12 South Carolina South Carolina has experienced a large loss, but the team doesn’t seem to be taking a big hit. Dylan Thompson is ready to lead the Gamecocks to the College Football Playoff. 
11 Wisconsin  The Badgers have a prominent defense and Coach Gary Andersen is hoping to play into its strength. 
10 Baylor  Baylor had been a national contender for a good portion of the season last year. It wasn’t until their loss to Central Florida that college football fans began to think otherwise. If the Bears can use their offensive weapons, they’ll go far. 
9 UCLA  The Bruins are facing a hard schedule fast into the season, but with the return of Brett Hundley, UCLA is hoping to stay on top of their neighbors, USC. 
8 Oklahoma Oklahoma didn’t find their groove until the end of the last season, but once the parts started moving in unison, the magic happened. If the Sooners can stay healthy and keep their rhythm, prepare for something beautiful. 
7 Stanford Let’s be frank, the Cardinals are good. They bring it and despite roster changes, they continue to find superstars. 
6 Michigan State Michigan State had some offensive surprises up their sleeves in the 2013 season and this year they won’t prevail at keeping them hidden. MSU will be a team to beat this year. 
5 Ohio State Ohio State is facing a harder schedule than last season, which will help them out when it comes to being competitive in the College Football Playoff, but the team is going to have to prepare for the big boys after facing less challenging teams last year. 
4 Auburn Auburn is coming off a hot year and their pre-season training shows that they haven’t lost momentum in the off season. Time will tell what the Tigers can bring to the table. 
3 Oregon The Ducks may have fallen off the map towards the end of the season with injuries appearing left and right, but their offensive is looking explosive this coming season. 
2 Alabama  Alabama has gained a strong freshman class and their off-season has been encouraging. The Crimson Tide will be hot out of the gate, but the telling point will be if they can keep their momentum up. 
1 FSU  The defending NCAA champions have a lot of skill in their corner. Their schedule has been strengthened, but these boys have proved they can compete for another title. 

Who do you have in your preseason top 25? What teams do you think have a shot at making the first-ever College Football Playoff? Tell us in the comments below.

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