5 FUN Things to do After You Graduate College

By Jaclyn Harris

July 31, 2014

For four years, you anticipate it. You fear it. You get nervous about it. You get excited about it. You get happy about it. You get nostalgic about it. The statement “time flies” could never be more of an understatement. Graduation.

You arrive at your university freshman year, sign up for classes, meet your first roommate, move into your dorm, experience the college life, and before you can blink you’re in your senior year graduating.

If you’re a recent May graduate, you’ve just experienced this crazy moment full of mixed emotions and celebrations. If you’re graduating in a couple weeks or in Dec., you’ll be there soon enough. It’s a strange feeling and you can’t help but find yourself in a limbo of questions all around the topic of “what do I do next?”

Where do you go after graduation? What do you do? Where do you turn?

Well, grads, we’ve comprised a list of things for you to do after graduation. Sure, finding a job with your degree or applying for advanced schooling should always be on your list, but we’re talking about things you should do that are pure fun! After all, graduating doesn’t mean you should kiss the good ole days behind!

So, without further ado, check out our list of five fun things do to after you graduate:

1. Learn a New Skill

You have no commitments right now, so why not take the opportunity to make you more competitive for employers or just simply learn new skills that will make you better?

Spend time learning a new language, learn how to cook, learn how to balance your check book. Teach yourself how to do the things they don’t teach you in college even though they are things that will help enhance your life.

2. Push Yourself to New Limits

The time right after you graduate is the time to learn about who you are and what you really want out of life. Break your college habits of eating fast food every night and sleeping in late. Eat right and exercise often; after all, you only get one body and its going to have to carry you into old age so take care of it now.

Push yourself to the limits and learn what you are truly capable of. Become independent and self-sufficient.

3. Volunteer Your Time

Now that you’re done with school and trying to figure out your next move, why not spend time helping the less fortunate or putting time towards a charity that touches your heart?

Whether you decide to give back in your immediate community or on a bigger level by doing charity work in another city or even country, your hard work will have a direct correlation on the improvement in the lives of others. Who knows? You might find that you truly love the feeling of giving back and making a difference, and it may even help guide your career into the nonprofit field.

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4. See the World

You don’t yet have a full-time job, so see the world! Take advantage of your time out of school before you get in an office, and travel to all the places you want to go.

Want to see the Eifel Tower? Big Ben? Want to visit Asia? What about Rio de Janeiro? This is time to visit those places and experience different cultures. Round up a group of your very best friends and make it a plan to work hard through the summer, save money and backpack around the world.

Staying in hostels or with host families can be cheap and it truly is the best way to get the full experience of another culture because you won’t be inside – you’ll be out seeing things and gaining memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

So what are you waiting for? GO!

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It’s the biggest college football game of the year and it’s sure to be a hoot and half! Gather up your friends, begin to save now and put your butt in the stands to cheer on your alma mater as they play in the national title game for all the marbles!

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