10 Super Bowl Traditions

By Niala Samnarine

August 21, 2014

The Super Bowl itself is a tradition. An annual event that beckons sports fans (and almost everyone else in the U.S.A with a TV) to gather their friends and family and tune in for this championship game.

Many have even called for the day to become a national holiday! So what are the traditions of the Super Bowl? You’re probably aware of more of them than you know, but check out our list and keep track to see which Super Bowl Traditions you already participate in, and which are brand new to you!

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1. NFL Experience

If you’ve never had the experience of attending a Super Bowl LIVE, or living in the same city that the game is played in, then you’ve missed one of the most fun-for-all, family-friendly traditions of the game!

NFL Experience is a giant outdoor theme park for football fans, with entertainment, activities and player appearances. This event typically takes place the week leading up to the championship game, and its proceeds go to fun the NFL’s Youth Education Towns.

2. Super Bowl Sunday

The day itself is the biggest tradition of all!

Held year in and year out on the first Sunday in Feb., this day signifies so much more than just watching a game. The atmosphere, memories and food (we’ll get to that later) are all part of this experience.

3. Tailgating

Going hand in hand with the game, is of course, tailgating! A huge football tradition everywhere from high school, to collegiate levels and of course, in the pros. Fans gather in the bitter cold (unless they’re from warmer locales) and grill, drink, toss around a football, play cornhole, talk smack, and so much more.

There have been several instances where, for security reasons, the league has banned the practice; however, it’s certainly one of the more beloved traditions surrounding almost every sporting event!

4. Roman Numerals, except…

Roman numerals in the name of each year’s Super Bowl is a long-standing tradition. With the exception of Super Bowl 50, every other has used these ancient symbols to signify the count of the game.

5. Pregame Show - Coin Toss

Another decades-old tradition, the pre-game show has been headlined by everyone from universities to divisions of the armed forces, from cheerleaders to multi-platinum recording artists.

Part of this show case is the coin toss. It’s grown in popularity as the importance has become more and more obvious. Now, NFL Hall of Famers assist in this ceremony and help officially start the game.

6. Halftime Show – Crowd participation

This now beloved tradition wasn’t nearly as hyped 40 years ago as it is today. Similar to the pre-game, today’s halftime show has become a spectacle that’s sometimes more hyped than the game itself!

Like the pregame show, the acts scheduled to perform have varied, but within the last 20 years the halftime stage has seen a steady stream of top billed performers complete with elaborate sets, stages, dancers, costumes and more.

Part of the excitement for fans who attend the game is their ability to participate in the show! Through the use of lights or sensor equipment fans can directly contribute to the effects that TV viewers witness at home.

7. Food and Drinks

Now we’re getting to the good stuff!

The ONE tradition that everyone participates in, whether they’re live at the game, or watching through their TV or devices. Everyone gets their grub on. I’m talking wings, pizza, burgers, hot dogs, chips, chili and all the other dips and spreads that you can think of. Oh, and beer. LOTS of beer.

Want to know how much we eat during this game? An estimated:

  • 28 million pounds of chips
  • 1.2 billion chicken wings 
  • More than 48 million pizzas

My stomach’s screaming just thinking about it.

8. Commercials

This is more of a modern tradition but one that fans and advertisers alike can’t ignore. In fact, some fans have admitted to tuning in more for the commercial breaks than the game itself (particularly if their team’s not in the running for the title).

Super Bowl commercials come at exorbitant prices and are designed to capture our attention, play on our emotions and make us buy, buy, buy! With their recent success we don’t see this one going anywhere.

9. Going To Disney World

So, only a couple people really take part in this tradition: Super Bowl MVPs.

Whether they go or not is another story, but every year after the Super Bowl is over, and the confetti is falling, the MVP is asked "What are you going to do now?".

And his response is ALWAYS: “I’m going to Disney World!

Take us with, please?

10. Super Bowl Parties and Super Bowl PARTIES

So we’re talking your parties at home. The one you call your friends about the week before and assign the chip-bringer, the dip-bringer, the beer-getter and so-on. You throw a crazy rager at your house and then everyone wakes up happy and hung over before coming up with an excuse to call out of work.

Then there are parties exclusive, invite-only affairs. We’re talking open bars, gourmet dining, exclusive performances, luxury venues, celebrities and so on.

Both are traditions that the Super Bowl would almost be incomplete without.

Celebrate the Traditions LIVE

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