Find Your Seat at Super Bowl XLIX

By Jaclyn Harris

September 24, 2014

You see them every year when you watch the Super Bowl. Those fans that are actually in the stadium in some of the best seats possible while the game is being played. You’ve seen the commercials for being in the Super Bowl “club” – attending the Super Bowl every year without ceasing. Yet, year after year you find yourself sitting at home on the couch with your chips and dip, or sitting in your local bar with friends drinking a cold brew, watching the game and wondering how that happens.

How do you become those people?

Are they season ticket holders of the teams playing? Do they have to attend a certain amount of games a season? Are they even fans of the team playing? Did they inherit those tickets? Are they just incredibly lucky? How does someone get tickets to the Super Bowl?

It’s simple really. Those people go find their Super Bowl tickets!

So where does one start? Well, the Official Source for Super Bowl tickets would probably be a good start! With QuintEvents Official Partnership with NFL On Location, you can rest assured that your 2015 Super Bowl tickets will be 100 percent valid because they’re coming from the source and not the secondary market.

Additionally, QuintEvents and NFL On Location offer Official Ticket Packages, meaning that what you’re getting access to at the biggest game of the year is far more than just entrance to the game and a seat in the nosebleeds. You are going to actually experience Super Bowl XLIX!

So what does that mean? Well, NFL fans, take a look at what your 2015 Super Bowl experience could entail:

Imagine Yourself at Super Bowl XLIX

It’s finally Super Bowl Sunday! Even though you arrived several days earlier and have been reaping the benefits of Super Bowl Boulevard in Arizona, the big game is finally here and you’ve been waiting. You wake up in the morning at your luxurious hotel in the Phoenix area, you get yourself ready, throw on your team’s jersey, and head down to the lobby with your group.

Before leaving the hotel, you and your group make sure you have your Preferred NFL On Location stadium parking pass in tow – this will allow you to park in a dedicated area close to your entrance.

Upon arrival through NFL On Location’s dedicated security entrance, you make your way to your official NFL pregame hospitality tailgate party! Open three hours pregame, you and your friends nosh on the complimentary premium menu and take your pick of the selections at the top-shelf open bar. There’s also games and interactive entertainment elements everywhere you look.

Then suddenly, you realize other fans in hospitality are beginning to gather in one area of the venue. As you walk over to see what the fuss is about, you realize NFL players and cheerleaders have arrived in hospitality to tailgate the Super Bowl and meet YOU! Talk about VIP status right there!

Shortly before hospitality ends and it’s time to head to your seat in the stadium, you decide to head to one of the many merchandise stores to use your $50 merchandise coupon (depending on package) to grab some Super Bowl XLIX swag. As you’re walking out of hospitality you double-check to make sure your Official Super Bowl ticket is still hanging around your neck in your Super Bowl XLIX lanyard – after all, wouldn’t it be the worst if you lost it or misplaced it?

Finally, you hear the announcement. The National Anthem is coming. You and your group head to your seats and cheer like crazy with the fans all around you! It’s game time! Super Bowl XLIX is upon you! You’re watching LIVE from inside the stadium and it couldn’t get any better than this!

The Next Step

You’re sold right? After all, who wouldn’t want that unbelievable access at Super Bowl 2015! That’s the kind of experience any NFL fan dreams of!

So it’s time to take the next step in securing your spot at Super Bowl XLIX: FIND YOUR SEAT!

QuintEvents and NFL On Location offer ticket packages to a variety of different vantage points at Super Bowl 49, and across several price points with easy payment terms.

Take a look at more information on the different levels of packages available:

Touchdown Club 
Red Level
Blue Level
Stadium Box

So will we see YOU in Arizona?

Call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to an NFL On Location representative or visit QuintEvents website for more information! Start your 2015 Super Bowl experience today!


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