There's a Silver Lining to 2015 NBA All-Star Ticket Packages

By Jaclyn Harris

September 23, 2014

2015 NBA All-Star tickets have officially been released and there's no denying they're a hot commodity this year! With the stage set at two different locations in New York City - Barclays Center and Madison Square Garden - this epic NBA weekend is sure to be incredible. 

With that being said, a lot goes into making an event as big as the NBA All-Star Weekend flawless with plenty of insider access for fans. After all, that's the point of attending, right? VIP access to all the biggest names in the NBA? 

Well, believe it or not, not just any ticket can you that unbelievable insider access that you, the fan, are seeking. Not just any ticket can get you behind the scenes in the high profile areas of the arenas that you would give your left arm to be in. Not just any ticket can grant you acess to meet your favorite NBA legends in person! 

No. You have to know the right people to get you behind the red tape. BUT, before you get disheartened thinking your NBA All-Star dreams might not be plausible, there is a silver lining - a silver lining that is Official 2015 NBA All-Star SILVER Ticket PACKAGES! 

[Cue the applause here please]

Okay, so what in the world are
Silver Ticket Packages and how are they about to turn your whole experience around? I'm thrilled you asked! 

Without further ado, I give you your VIP access:

The Silver Package Inclusions

As stated earlier, it's not a Silver 'Ticket,' it's a Silver 'Ticket Package.' Essentially, what this means is you recieve everything you could ever want at NBA All-Star Weekend all bundled together at one price. 

This means you don't have to go seeking out meet-and-greets and autographs from NBA legends in attendance, you don't have to pay for costly food and drinks at crowded concession stands, you don't have to purchase individual tickets to all the events, and you definitely don't have to fight ticket scalpers on the streets to upgrade your ticket for a more fantastic seat in the arena than what you already had.

Rather, you'll receive all the below VIP inclusions at one cost with easy payment terms (don't want to break the bank, after all!)! Take a look:

  • Ticket to the State Farm All-Star Saturday Night including the Shooting Stars, Taco Bell Skills Challenge, Foot Locker Three-Pont Contest, and the Sprite Slam Dunk
  • Ticket to the 64th NBA All-Star Game on Sunday
  • Access to the Hospitality Party Experience on Saturday including a complimentary buffet, premium open bar, interactive entertainment elements, NBA Legend appearances, and much more!
  • An Official NBA All-Star Event gift bag brimming with merchandise and goodies
  • Provided ground transportation to all Official NBA events (hotel packages)
  • Optional three nights hotel accommodations in New York

Oh yes, that's ALL included! You can pick your jaw up from the floor now.

The Official Partner Difference

Alright, now you're probably wondering how you can be certain that your experience will be valid and that's an honest concern.

BUT, with QuintEvents and NBA-Events
Official Ticket Packages, you can put those concerns to rest. Here's why.

QuintEvents is Official Partners with the NBA to put on the NBA All-Star Game through the shared name of NBA-Events. This means that not only your tickets, but all the inclusions and VIP access you'll receive via your ticket package comes with 100 percent validity! No scams, no worries, just validity.

Whew! It feels good knowing that, right? So what's the next step? How do you get more information? Well....

Get More Information!

Man, it's like we can read your mind! The next step is getting more information! The 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend might still be months away, but who isn't excited to see their favorite NBA players in the ultimate contest? With that being said, ticket packages will go quickly, especially options with great access such as the Silver level.

You can get more information on securing your Official NBA All-Star Silver Packages by calling 877-979-2737 to speak to an NBA-Events representative or by visiting NBA-Events website today.

It's time to find the silver lining! Will we see you in New York?