How to Afford Attending Super Bowl XLIX

By Jaclyn Harris

October 14, 2014

It's a known fact that the Super Bowl is the most-watched TV event of all-time within the United States. Past games have always held high viewership, then recently, Super Bowl XLVIII surpassed all records with the largest audience on average for any televised program in US history! There were 111.5 million people tuned in to see the Seattle Seahawks defeat the Denver Broncos 43-8 at Metlife.

That's right. The score was 43-8! It was a blow-out! And yet, Super Bowl XLVIII still holds the viewership record!

Keeping that in mind, it's interesting to think about the amount of football fans who sit at home or in their local bar watching the game as opposed to watching it LIVE! Do they believe Super Bowl tickets are so rare they could never behold them? Do they think because it's not being held in their city or it's not being played by their team they can't attend?

Well, if you're an NFL fan who has one of those two thoughts keeping you from attending, you better check this out: Find Your Seat at Super Bowl XLIX»

For those other homebodies who dream of attending the Super Bowl, but haven't, it's my guess there's another reason you've shied away. It's my guess that while attending the Super Bowl rests on your bucket list, there's one thought that hinders you. It's my guess that you're worried about the cost of attending the Super Bowl.

That's a fair concern; a bucket list sporting event isn't going to be a $25 ticket. However, attending Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona is much more affordable than NFL fans are lead to believe.

Sure, if you opt to purchase everything you could possibly need in Glendale for Super Bowl XLIX a la carte (hotel stays, rental cars, souvenirs, parking, concessions, tailgate foods, brews, etc.) the dollar signs are going to add up. 

However, if you instead opted for an NFL On Location Official Super Bowl Ticket Package where everything your heart could ever dream of is included, attending Super Bowl XLIX is actually very affordable. 

Now, I can see your deer in the headlights look. You're thinking how in the world is that not a lie. Well, I could keep explaining to you how affordable Super Bowl XLIX Ticket Packages are... or I could show you! 

Take a look at this infographic including everything you need to know about how YOU can afford to be at Super Bowl XLIX!

YOU Can Afford to Attend Super Bowl XLIX!

Make Your Super Bowl Dreams Come True!

Now that you know how affordable Super Bowl XLIX Official Blue I Ticket Packages are, it's time to make your Super Bowl dreams come true! Kiss those Super Bowl house and bar parties good-bye - you're celebrating the biggest game of the year with the NFL! 

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