3 Things You Hear About Attending the Super Bowl that are Untrue

By Jaclyn Harris

November 13, 2014

Attending the Super Bowl can be compared to traveling to Narnia (any C.S. Lewis fans out there?). You hear people speak of going, but you never know how they got there, how they got tickets or even how they afforded it. Attending the Super Bowl becomes something you dream of doing, but at the same time, it seems outside the realm of possibility. That is, unless you have the wardrobe. 

Well, despite what you may think or what you may have heard, attending the Super Bowl is a lot easier than you may have been led to believe. You don't need a magical wardrobe or a parallel universe.

To prove my point, take a look at the top three things people tell you to squash your dreams of attending the Super Bowl, and let me show you how they are fallacies.

1. Tickets are Only Given to Select People

It's a common misconception that Super Bowl tickets are only awarded to the fan base of the teams competing, the PSL holders of the stadium the game is played at, and large companies that have international pull or are event sponsors.

Note the word 'misconception.' 

In reality, any fan can purchase Super Bowl tickets! The NFL itself sells tickets to the biggest game of the year through it's NFL On Location program. This program pairs tickets to the game, access to the Official NFL tailgate for three hours pregrame (and possibly during halftime and one hour postgame depending on the package) where you'll find complimentary food and an open bar, interactive entertainment, and NFL player and cheerleader meet-and-greets.

And since NFL On Location partners with QuintEvents to provide these
Official Ticket Packages, fans also receive either a $50 merchandise coupon or an Official Gift Bag, an exclusive Stadium Collection game program voucher, a Super Bowl XLIX lanyard with a ticket sleeve, preferred stadium parking, and NFL On Location staff on-site to assist them.

You could even get the opportunity to take the field after the game to celebrate the champions!

2. Attending the Super Bowl is too expensive

The next fallacy you're going to hear about attending the Super Bowl is that it's too expensive. Now, I won't lie. Attending the Super Bowl is not cheap. After all, it is the biggest NFL game of the year and is watched worldwide! Attending the Super Bowl is going to be more expensive than attending a regular season NFL game.

With that being said, going to the Super Bowl can be affordable! NFL On Location and QuintEvents provide a variety of different Official Ticket Package options that vary across several different price points.

And since all of the above is included in
Official Ticket Packages, you're also going to be saving money by not purchasing concessions, drinks or souvenirs because they're all included!

So if you are looking to "ball out" at the Super Bowl, there is a package for you, but if you're looking to attend without all the extra bells and whistles, there is a package for you as well.

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3. You'll Only be Able to Get Seats in the Nosebleeds

"Why pay to attend the Super Bowl only to sit in the nosebleeds? Why would you attend when you'll be able to see the game better on your TV? Can you even see the game or halftime show from there?"

It's my guess you've received these queries before if you've talked of attending the Super Bowl. While these are fair questions and concerns, an Official Ticket Package isn't going to put you in the nosebleeds. 

You'll have a variety of seating locations to select from depending on the package you choose, and you'll optimal vantage points of the field and the game from each. Oh yes, you're going to have seats other fans would die for! 

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