Voting for the NBA All-Star Game is Almost Here!

By Rory Harris

December 4, 2014

Voting for the NBA All-Star Game at Madison Square Garden will open Dec. 11 and will remain open through Jan. 19.

Despite opening earlier in past years, the NBA decided to push back voting to accommodate fans who wished to expand the ballot for the Feb. 15 game. The ballot, which will reside on, will now include every player in the league for the first time ever. 

Changes to the Process 

In the past, the ballot has only included about 3/5 of each conference in the league. The list was previously selected by a media panel who covered the NBA.

Now, for each conference, fans will have the opportunity to vote for five starters: three frontcourt players and two guards. This means NBA fans will now be able to vote in any player in the league, rather than having to choose from a small pool of 36 frontcourt players and 24 guards as they did in the past.

This is definitely a positive change for the NBA All-Star Weekend. Each year, there are players who end up having solid seasons but are not placed on the ballot, due to other stars or fan favorites standing out just a bit more.

The change came following complaints about the inability for any player to be voted on a conference team. The expansion of the ballot allows for any player to have the opportunity to play at the event as well as receive fan acknowledgment for their seasonal accomplishments.

The NBA has always aimed to center the NBA All-Star Weekend around the fans, anyways. Allowing fans to vote in any player in the league makes this year’s game the ultimate fan’s game. Fans and players alike will most likely be pleased with the results of such a change, and we can’t wait to see who you pick!

The ballot on will be updated at the end of each day to include players who may have recently signed or been added by the NBA Development League.

The NBA All-Star ballot process will be completely digital this year, where voters will participate via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS message, and NBA Game Time applications. International fans will have the opportunity to vote via Sina Weibo and Tencent Microblog in China. 

Ways to Vote 

Fans from all over the world can vote on the website in 11 different languages! Each participant can fill out one ballot each day voting is open via a desktop or mobile browser. 

Text Message 

Fans will be able to text a player’s last name to 69622 or MYNBA, but each individual is only allowed one text vote per player, per day.

For example: fan would text ‘Howard’ to 69622 or MYNBA. 

Social Media

1. Facebook - If fans want to vote through Facebook, they need to make sure they follow the NBA All-Star official Facebook page. When an official NBA All-Star ballot is posted, a fan can leave a comment on the post with a player’s first and last name but do not forget the hashtag #NBABALLOT!

2. Twitter - Fans can tweet one player’s first and last name with the hashtag #NBABALLOT up to 10 times per day. Just remember, you have to select 10 unique players each day; you cannot repeat the same one.

Keep in mind, Retweets and replies on Twitter do not count!

3. Instagram - Any fan can post a basketball related, original photo with a caption including a player’s first and last name with hashtag #NBABALLOT. This is the first year fans are able to vote via Instagram.

However, only one name can be posted per photo up to 10 times a day. 

NBA Game-Time App 

Fans also can download the NBA Game Time app, which is available for Android and iOs, and cast one ballot per day on each day of voting.

The All-Star voting will be sponsored by Sprint.

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