The Best and the Worst NBA All-Star Jerseys of All-Time

By Rory Harris

January 9, 2015

Just as the style of the NBA has changed over the years, so have the jerseys. The NBA All-Star Weekend is not immune to changes in culture and fashion, and the ever-evolving jerseys are proof of that.

When it comes down to it, the jerseys have gone through more styles than wild child Denis Rodman has hair colors.  

Since the game was birthed in 1951, it's visited many different phases.

Through the good, the bad and the ugly, we have come up with some of what we think were the NBA’s best and worst stylistic moments at the
NBA All-Star Weekend:  

The Worst 

1951 (The Original):

For the first NBA All-Star game in Boston, the NBA kept things simple and the uniforms were some of the most basic the sport had or would see.

The jerseys lacked writing and only consisted of a player’s number. However, to reiterate the level of talent of the players, the uniforms still were decorated with stars to make sure everyone knew their all-star status.


This was the first year the NBA added the East/West labels onto the thick, wool uniforms.

Although the uniforms were classic, the wool could not have been comfortable as players sweated during the heat of the game. Beauty may be pain, but these uniforms were far from beautiful.


In a time when NBA jerseys had really hit their stride, with bright colors and untraditional text, it was surprising the jerseys in the early ‘80s did not follow suit. 

Rather, they were definitely star-spangled. They stayed within the realm of the red, white and blue colors, occasionally speckled with a handful of stars or complimented by large, front text. 


The 2008 uniforms are often debated. Although some enjoyed the Creole-inspired font on the jerseys, we would prefer the cartoon images and fun colors of the ‘90s jerseys any day. 

The Best


The NBA was always at their best when they used inspiration from the All-Star Weekend host city. The 1977 Milwaukee jerseys were proof of this. The Belgian-like uniforms were designed with text which looked like it might be found on a beer can.

The uniforms ended up being a favorite, and we swear even the players looked happier in the pictures taken form the night.


 In 1994, the NBA began to play around with the graphics of the jerseys and fans will forever remember the glory years of NBA All-Star Weekend jerseys.

Although the colors of the ’94 jerseys were unremarkable, the cool, video-game inspired text featured were a feat for early ‘90s technology.

In 1995, the jersey creators kicked it up another notch and displayed a cactus on the brightly colored uniforms in tribute to the host city of Phoenix, Arizona.

The 1996 All-Star jerseys were also a favorite and mirrored the cartoons of the ‘90s.  The uniforms featured a brightly-colored basketball and a shooting star, in bright colors and a fun design.

2000s - Now: 

The jerseys began taking on the signature red, white and blue look with the East and West labels. The iconic look continues to be the staple of the NBA All-Star Weekend. 

2015 (The latest):

The 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend uniforms are all about the larger-than-life host city: New York City.

The sides of the jerseys feature five stars representing the five different boroughs of New York City.

They feature a unisphere for Queens, waves for Staten Island, a checkered taxi pattern for Manhattan, a vinyl record for the Bronx, and brownstone bricks for Brooklyn.

The uniforms will be officially debuted at the NBA All-Star Weekend on Feb. 15, at the Madison Square Garden.

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