Why Booking Your Super Bowl 50 Experience Through the Official Source Matters

By Jaime Villegas

April 9, 2015

Whether you’ve booked your own event experience before or you’ve had a travel agent attempt to book you the same type of access, chances are you or said agent has made a mistake during the process.

Almost everyone faces some type of risk when booking through a secondary source. Which is where MOST people buy their tickets to all major sporting events.

How many times have you heard the horror stories of a vacations/trips gone wrong? Unfortunately, this happens more often than not.

Either the tickets purchased weren’t where you expected or you purchased tickets to a major sporting event and upon arrival, you find out they don’t have tickets to give to you, leaving you unhappy, frustrated and with an experience you’d rather forget. Not really what you’d expect to get when you’re shelling out quite a bit of money for a to-die-for experience.

For those of you who’ve been lucky enough to avoid these situations thus far or those who’ve unfortunately have had to live these, we’re here to help ensure you that this sort of inconvenience never happens to you again!

The only way to avoid earning your own horror vacation story is to book directly through the source! Take a look at some of the reasons why booking OFFICIAL Ticket Packages direct from the source is the best solution for you.

Guarantee & Peace of Mind

One of the greatest benefits to booking Official Ticket Packages is tickets come DIRECT from the source. We guarantee all our tickets are authentic. No messing around with secondary market sites where you have to compete for what you want or risking getting something different than what you bought. Thanks to our fixed pricing agreements with our major partners, in this case the NFL, you never have to worry about paying more for tickets as prices are not affected by the secondary market!

Booking through the Official Source gives you peace of mind and eliminates any question about the authentication or quality of a ticket package. We provide early shipping on all your tickets weeks in advance, so you’ll spend more time getting excited about your experience rather than worrying.

Exclusive Benefits, No Matter the Size of Your Group

Bringing a large group to an event can be a hassle to arrange. Through our Official Ticket Packages we make it simple, whether you’re bringing two people or 100 people. QuintEvents finds the best possible hotels and resorts, and couples them with your event tickets. One of the benefits of our Official Partnerships includes access to the event organizer’s hotel room blocks which often are at preferred rates.

With accommodations, QuintEvents also coordinates all your travel needs to create a seamless experience. Additionally, booking through the Official Source removes the need to book additional lodging and transportation while you’re at the event. Getting to the track, stadium or venue from your hotel and BACK has never been easier. Talk about taking quite a weight off your shoulders!

Unparalleled Access & Inclusions

Something that really makes the Official Ticket Packages stand out is the exclusive, official hospitality access and inclusions; these are only available through the Official program and all Official Ticket Package holders get access to these. So no matter what event you’re attending, you’ll be able to partake in our premium hospitality area, complimentary gourmet food, open bars, and interactive experiences, as well as celebrity appearances!

Support Staff From Start to Finish

Your experience doesn’t end once you purchase your Official Ticket Package to Super Bowl 50. We provide support staff from the moment you decide you’re interested in Official Ticket Packages well through the end of the event. Our knowledgeable account executives, who have been to the event venue and hotels, will be able to answer all of the possible questions you may have about the event and location.

Our Corporate Trip Directors will help you navigate around the city through our exclusive ground transportation, getting you safely from the hotel to your venue and vice-versa.

During the event, our Venue Support Staff will assist you with any inquires you might have about any of our events going on at the event.

QuintEvents NFL On Location Super Bowl XLVII 2013 Hospitality Area EntranceSafe Yourself the Stress, Book Through the Official Source Today!

Super Bowl 50 is promising to be a game for the ages! Being held in the beautiful San Francisco, this anniversary Super Bowl will have a lot to offer fans - both on and off the field.

With so many things that could go wrong before and during your Super Bowl 50 experience, why not save yourself all the trouble and contact one of our QuintEvents' representatives today? Official Ticket Packages are not on sale quite yet, but get on the Quick Call Back List today and be one of the first to get access to the Official Ticket Packages!

For more information and to get on the Quick Call Back List, call 1-866-834-8663 to speak to a QuintEvents representative or visit the QuintEvents website by clicking the button below.


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