Get 50 Yard Line Seats at Super Bowl 50

By Victoria Barnett

November 11, 2015

Conversations are flooded with talk of Super Bowl 50. It seems like everyone is trying to get their hands on those coveted tickets. Some people head to the secondary market (not recommended, by the way). Other people pray the lottery shows favor on them.

Then, there are the ones that head right to a ticket package company, secure their tickets ahead of time and head into the Super Bowl knowing problems will be minimal or almost nonexistent. Good choice.

If you are going to go to the Super Bowl (and Super Bowl 50 of all things), then you want to guarantee an unforgettable experience. 

Where to Sit

Let’s take a walk through part of the process. When you decide you want to attend the Super Bowl, your first thought typically goes to where you want to sit. Whether you are buying for yourself and your family or for your employees, you want seats that will keep you happy and keep everyone else happy.

The cool part is, you can have that. Easily.

Typically, it can be extremely difficult to get your hands on Super Bowl tickets and even more difficult to get your hands on the perfect seats. Well here’s the good news. Not to brag, but we can get you on the 50 yard line. Better than that, we can get you at the 100 level on the 50 yard line.

Here is where you could sit:

Reasons to Sit on the 50

In case you aren’t convinced that the 50 yard line is the place to be, consider this:

  • It’s Super Bowl 50. The 50th Anniversary of the Super Bowl. The big 5-0. This is history! Why not be in the best seat in the house?
  • You’re almost always a part of the action. It’s intense.
  • The 43 previous Super Bowl MVPs will be part of an on-field ceremony during Super Bowl 50 (obviously, you want to be front and center for that)
  • Super Bowl halftime show is right in front of you. Although it hasn’t been announced who will perform, we know it HAS to be good. After all, it’s Super Bowl 50.

And There’s More

As if sitting on the 50 yard line isn’t enough, you will also get an in-stadium Super Bowl hospitality experience before, during and after the game. To put this in simple English:

Pregame: Premium Menu / Top Shelf Open Bar

During the game: Food and beverage located in the exclusive club next to your seating location

Postgame: Select menu items, beer, wine and soft drinks

So instead of waiting in the long lines, we’ll have delicious food available to keep your stomach happy the entire time.

I think it sounds like a win-win situation, don’t you?

Attend Super Bowl 50

Come February, Levi’s Stadium will be the place to see and the place to be. Not only is this stadium one of the most incredible stadiums in the country, but Super Bowl 50 will be one of the biggest events in sports. Be there and celebrate Super Bowl 50 “On the Fifty!”

So what are you waiting for?! With an Official NFL On Location Ticket Package through QuintEvents, you can secure your spot at Super Bowl 50 and experience the thrill of a lifetime at the 50 yard line. See you there!

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