How Hospitality is Changing the Fan Experience at Sporting Events

By Evan Chronis

September 20, 2019

The way we interact with live sports is constantly changing. 

For decades you would buy your seat to an event, attend said event and then go right home.

But as this industry continues to change, this strategy has become less appealing.

With the rapid advancements in sports television production and distribution, fans are less inclined than ever to attend a live sports or entertainment event when they can get a premium experience from their couch. 

So, where does live event hospitality fit in?

Well — quite nicely, actually.

It's the bridge between attending an event and experiencing something more than just a seat number in a giant arena.

At QuintEvents, hospitality is a core tenant of every one of our partnerships with a belief that it gives fans and guests more of what they want in an ever-changing climate. 

Experience over a Ticket

Fans are clamoring for more than just a game or event ticket nowadays.

They want an experience that goes beyond four quarters, 18 holes or 50 laps and something that they can take with them. 

That’s what hospitality offers.

Hospitality can help you get away from the crowds and create a home base for the event you’re attending. Your ticket may be where you’re sitting, but hospitality is where you’re experiencing the memorable moments of the event.

This is especially true for outdoor events, as hospitality offers a climate-controlled environment that can take you away from the elements when needed.

It creates a different environment and lens for you to experience an event through, offering more mobility than just being confined to the seat that you purchased.

Premium Dining Options

The days of subpar yet overpriced food options at stadiums and arenas are over.

One of the key factors in the rise of event hospitality has been the inclusion of premium dining experiences.

Throughout a given event, food is catered to the suite in a buffet style and the space is filled with seating options for a palpable culinary experience on-site. Couple that with the drink and alcohol accommodations that come customary with most QuintEvents hospitality for an experience that is unlike any other in the live events industry.

Appearances from the Biggest Names in the Industry

One of the premier benefits of hospitality through QuintEvents is the opportunity to meet some of the biggest names from the world of the event you're attending. 

At NBA All-Star 2019 in Charlotte, NBA Premium had basketball legends Dominique Wilkins and George Gervin in attendance during pre-game hospitality for a live Q&A session and meet-and-greet with the fans in attendance. 

At the 2019 Super Bowl, HOF Experiences' pre-game hospitality party, known as the Gold Jacket Club, was hosted by Pro Football Hall of Famer Barry Sanders, and featured a meet-and-greet with names like Floyd Little, Orlando Pace, Morten Andersen, Dave Robinson, Antonio Freeman, Will Shields and Claude Humphrey.

For F1 Experiences, every race that an Official Ticket Package is available for features an F1 Driver or Legend appearance in Champions Club and Paddock Club hospitality. Previous appearances have included Max Verstappen, Fernando Alonso, Lando Norris and more!

The list can go on for a while, but you get the point. 

Hospitality is making you a participant in events instead of just an attendee, letting you interact with the biggest figures in their respective fields and helping craft memories that will last a lifetime. 

Corporate Benefits

Corporate hospitality isn’t something new, but it is on the rise as the landscape of live events shifts.

Stadiums and teams are more conscience than ever of the benefits that corporate hospitality has for their events and are growing with that in mind.

One of the main selling points of corporate hospitality is that it can be tailored to your specific needs for the space. Are you entertaining corporate clients or celebrating with your internal team? Regardless of initial intent, corporate hospitality is becoming one of the industry’s top ways to promote growth through live events.

Or maybe you’re not a corporate entity, but rather are just a big group who wants to use hospitality to entertain a group of large numbers. Hospitality is perfect for that, as well, and offers the same unique customization that is found with corporate entities.

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