How Much Does it Cost to Attend NBA All-Star Weekend?

By Evan Chronis

April 1, 2019

NBA All-Star 2020 marks the return of the the sports biggest game to the Windy City! For the third time in history, Chicago — home of the 6-time NBA Champion Bulls and "His Airness" Michael Jordan — will host the hardwood's mid-season classic. 

With the worlds of sports and entertainment coming together for one weekend to celebrate the NBA, tickets to NBA All-Star 2020 aren't easy to find. In fact, a ticket to the 69th Annual NBA All-Star Game during NBA All-Star 2020 is one of the rarest sports tickets of the entire year. 

Luckily, NBA Premium, an Official Hospitality Provider of NBA All-Star 2020, sells Official Ticket Packages to all official All-Star Weekend events, including the All-Star Game. 

But how much does it cost to attend one of the most exclusive sporting events of the year? Here is the breakdown of how much it costs to attend NBA All-Star 2020. 

How Much Does It Cost to Go to The NBA All-Star Game?

Since tickets to the 2020 NBA All-Star game are typically reserved for sponsors of the league and teams, businesses and the host team (in this case the Chicago Bulls), finding an individual game ticket is nearly impossible unless you want to pay a mortgage. 

That's why NBA Premium offers Official Ticket Packages that combine tickets the best parts of All-Star Weekend into one package. 

Every Official Ticket Packages from NBA Premium includes a ticket to the 2020 NBA All-Star Game, ticket to all State Farm All-Star Saturday Night, access to a 2-hour pre-game hospitality on Sunday, a program gift and more!

Upper Level Seats for 2020 NBA All-Star Game

Upper Level Behind-the-Basket Seats — Blue C

  • Seat sections 324-328 & 307-311
  • Packages start at $2,599.00

Upper Level Corner Seats — Blue B

  • Seat sections 303-306, 312-315, 320-323 & 329-332
  • Packages start at $2,999.00

Upper Level Sideline Seats — Blue A

  • Seat sections 301-302, 316-319 & 333-334
  • Packages start at $3,299.00

Lower Level Seats for 2020 NBA All-Star Game 

Lower Level Behind-the-Basket Seats — Red C

  • Seat sections 105-107, 116-118, 207-211 & 224-228
  • Packages start at $5,499.00

Lower-Level Corner Seats — Red B

  • Seat sections 103-104, 108-109, 114-115, 119-120, 203-206, 212-215, 220-223, 229-232
  • Packages start at $8,499.00

Lower Level Sideline Seats — Red A

  • Seat sections 101-102, 110-113 & 121-122
  • Packages start at $14,999.00

Get Tickets for NBA All-Star 2020

Getting tickets to NBA All-Star Weekend has never been easier. With NBA Premium, your tickets come directly from the source and guarantee an unforgettable experience at the biggest weekend of the season!

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