What Does Hospitality Include with QuintEvents?

By Evan Chronis

August 27, 2018

Hospitality isn't just about southern charm and code anymore.

Instead, it's a crucial facet in offering you the best experience possible at an event with QuintEvents.

Hospitality can look different depending on the event you are attending through us, but the importance remains the same. Our hospitality options take you beyond a normal ticket experience and make sure you're treated as a VIP while you're in attendance.   

Exclusive Hospitality

So what is actually included?

Our hospitality suites are highlighted by the ability to separate yourself from the crowds at the event you're attending. It offers a space to get away from all the noise and enjoy the event, and people, that you are there for. If anything, it gives you another option of a place to be throughout the duration of your desired event. 

Our hospitality suites come with food and beverage accommodations, including gourmet, buffet-style dining and open bar access. 

Our hospitality is also where it goes down when it comes to celebrity appearances and entertainment. We host Meet & Greets, musical entertainment, photo opportunities and much more in many of the hospitality options for our events. 

And if you're interested in attending an outdoor event, or hospitality options truly become an oasis. For outdoor events, our hospitality suites offer a climate-controlled venue to catch your breath and cool down without missing a second of the action thanks to live TV feeds from inside the venue.

While some hospitality runs through the event, other times it is pre-or-post event. This includes our ticket package offers to the Super Bowl, the College Football Playoff National Championship, UFC® events and others.

Choose Hospitality With an Official Ticket Package

If you want to go beyond your normal ticket experience and explore any of our exclusive hospitality options, check out our calendar of upcoming events!

QuintEvents Calendar of Events