What Exclusive Perks Do You Get With a Ticket Package from QuintEvents?

By Evan Chronis

The words "exclusive" and "perks" can be lofty terms that are often used with no substance behind them. What does it actually mean?

At QuintEvents, we have taken this phrase, given it meaning and used it as a core pillar of what we offer our customers. Our offerings take us beyond a standard ticket provider and offer you experiences you can't get anywhere else. 

Here's what we mean when we say exclusive perks:

Meet & Greets

One of the highlights of most QuintEvents packages is the opportunity to meet some of the legendary faces of the event you're attending. A ticket package with a Meet & Greet option allows you to meet some of your favorite athletes, celebrities or personalities, and hear about their careers and experiences. 

Photo Ops

Pictures last a lifetime. But not just photos from a disposable camera or off of your iPhone. We're talking about real photo opportunities to capture the essence of the event you're attending. Many of our ticket packages offer the opportunity for professional photos on stages, with official trophies, or with the celebrities and personalities that you meet at the Meet & Greets.

Behind-The-Scenes Access

One of the perks of securing a ticket package with QuintEvents or through one of our partners is the opportunity for behind-the-scenes access. The behind-the-scenes access that we offer varies by event, but the overall idea stays the same. You'll get to see exclusive areas, witness how the event is put together and what makes it tick, while meeting some of the people running it along the way.


The stress of getting to and from an event can be eliminated with QuintEvents. If you opt to secure hotel accommodations with your package, we typically provide transportation to the venue and back to your lodging. Private transportation options are usually available with the ability to plan out airport transfers, private transportation, and more. 

Official Ticket Packages with QuintEvents

QuintEvents is #BeyondTickets. Take a look at all of the events we offer through QuintEvents and our Official Partnerships to get exclusive perks that bring you way beyond a typical event experience. 


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